WWE RAW Results: Huge Return, Tensai Debuts, Rock Makes Promise... Sound Off With Your Thoughts

It looks like the Rock's mom is in the audience behind Cole and Lawler.


Lord Tensai's music hits and we see his logo on the Titantron. An Asian man comes out dressed in all black ninja wear. Tensai comes out in a red robe and a black covering on his face. Alex Riley is in the ring.

Lord Tensai vs. Alex Riley

The Asian man takes off Tensai's robe: no hair! He has tribal tattoos on his chest and shoulders. There is Japanese writing across his left eye and around his skull. He squashes Riley slowly and methodically. Tensai hits him with repeated head butts. Tensai hits a sit down spine buster and the ref stops the match.

Winner by stoppage: Lord Tensai

Tensai spits something in the air and his hand and attacks A-Ry with a claw to the cranium. He releases as his music hits.

CM Punk is backstage walking toward the arena. Punk vs. Henry is next.


We get more stills from WrestleMania.

They show the video from the "empty arena promo" from Cena. Cole says Cena will call out The Rock tonight.

WWE Championship: CM Punk vs. Mark Henry

Punk makes his way to the ring followed by Henry. Punk and Henry go back and forth as the crowd chants for Punk. Henry takes control as he stomps Punk then chokes him out in the bottom rope. Henry stands on Punk's back. Henry verbally abuses Punk; he says he owns him. This is the "monster" Henry from a couple of months ago. Punk jumps right into a bear hug but fights out with a DDT. Henry kicks out decisively.

Punk kicks Henry as the crowd chants "yes" for every kick. Punk leaps off the top rope but he is caught by Henry who rams him into the turnbuckle. Henry goes on the second turnbuckle but Punk moves out of the way of the splash and Henry falls hard on his stomach. Punk goes up top and springboards for a clothesline attempt but Henry catches him in mid-air with his own clothesline.


Punk leaps off the top but is again caught by Henry, this time with a boot to the gut. The crowd chants for Daniel Bryan. Punk mounts a comeback with chops and kicks. He finally knocks Henry down with a roundhouse to the head. Punk goes to the top and hits an elbow drop. Punk sells the pain and doesn't cover Henry who gets up before Punk. Punk hits two high knees to Henry's chin in the corner then tries a bulldog but Henry lifts him and dumps him out of the ring.

Punk gets counted out but is still champ.

Winner by count out: Mark Henry

Henry is mad that he didn't win the title and hits the WSS to Punk on the outside.
Laurinaitis comes out with Otunga and says Punk is going to defend his title often.

Jericho comes through the crowd. He wants to celebrate last night's match with Punk with a drink. Punk is laid out and Jericho pours whiskey on his face. This wakes up Punk who starts coughing. Jericho slips and falls on the liquor. Jericho grabs another bottle and continues to berate Punk and his family. Jericho smashes a full bottle of whiskey on Punk's head and it shatters. Jericho stands over Punk and slowly walks away up the ramp.

The trainers check on Punk.


They show stills of the Sheamus and Daniel Bryan "match" from last night.

Justin Roberts introduces Sheamus. This crowd is hot for Bryan; Sheamus gets about half 'boos.' He is immediately interrupted by Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo's introduction. The crowd starts chanting "Si!" (funny) then "Daniel Bryan!"

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