- WWE acknowledged that Lord Tensai is a former WWE Superstar who went to Japan, but did not specifically call him the former A-Train on RAW last night. WWE posted an article on their website last night and mentioned that Tensai is the former A-Train, writing, "The hulking warrior is in fact the WWE Superstar formerly known as A-Train, who competed in WWE for several years before embarking on a journey of self-discovery in Japan. Once he'd crossed the Pacific Ocean, he immersed himself in the Land of the Rising Sun, embracing a new culture, training regiment, and philosophy that seemingly caused him to forsake the customs of his native United States."

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- Former WWE Diva Torrie Wilson was asked on Twitter if she would be returning to WWE. She replied, "...don't think I can do that schedule again.."

Torrie was asked if she was still in WWE, which Diva would she like to face. She answered Vickie Guerrero.

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