Re-Post: WWE RAW Results With Tons Of Video

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The show begins as the entire locker room is gathered backstage for a meeting with John Laurinaitis. He tells them he will not abuse his newfound power. He makes a triple-threat match tonight for the U.S. Championship between Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger, and Santino.

CM Punk interrupts from the back. He approaches through the wrestlers. He calls Laurinaitis a giant toolbox. Laurinaitis says Punk will face Mark Henry for the WWE Title tonight. Laurinaitis says welcome to the era of people power.

RAW video intro and pyro

We are Live from Miami.

The Rock's music hits

The Rock gets a "Thank You Rock" chant that morphs into a louder "Boots To Asses" chant. Rocky shows his goose bumps; no visible notes. The crowd chants "You Still Got It." Rocky says that after last night: "Finally The Rock has come backů home." He shows his arm again. Rock says he has to thank John Cena; the crowd boos and chants "Cena sucks." He says Cena gave him a run and he was honored. He thanks the people and says he's the people's champion.

Rocky says this is just the beginning. The crowd chants "YES, YES!" Rocky says he has a vision: He's going to be WWE Champion one day. The crowd is on fire tonight.

They show the video of John Cena saying he has to win at Mania. Cole says we will find out what the future holds for Cena tonight. They play some haunting type music during this and make it suspenseful.

Santino is introduced and he does his full power walk entrance.

We get some stills from last night's show.

Vickie interrupts on the stage and introduces Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler.

U.S. Championship Triple Threat: Santino vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Jack Swagger

The crowd chants for Ziggler at the start. Swagger and Ziggler double team Santino.

We return to the action as Lawler is calling it a handicap match. Santino gains the offense on both men and pulls out the Cobra. Ziggler gives him a swinging neck breaker before he can strike Swagger with it. Ziggler and Swagger argue over who will cover Santino. Ziggler goes to hit Swagger but Swagger catches him with a belly to belly. Santino recovers and sling shots Ziggler to the outside of the ring. Santino recoils the Cobra and hits Swagger with it for the win.

Winner by Pin: Santino

As Santino celebrates, Ziggler and Swagger try to give him a beat down. Santino points to something behind them and power walks up the ramp. Ziggler and Swagger give chase, but out comes Brodus Clay. The crowd pops big for him.

Swagger charges Clay but gets head butted and Ziggler takes a huge bump backwards at Swagger's feet. Swagger is reluctant to do anything. Clay's music hits and Clay and the dancers dance with Santino who does some hilarious moves.

It looks like the Rock's mom is in the audience behind Cole and Lawler.

Lord Tensai's music hits and we see his logo on the Titantron. An Asian man comes out dressed in all black ninja wear. Tensai comes out in a red robe and a black covering on his face. Alex Riley is in the ring.

Lord Tensai vs. Alex Riley

The Asian man takes off Tensai's robe: no hair! He has tribal tattoos on his chest and shoulders. There is Japanese writing across his left eye and around his skull. He squashes Riley slowly and methodically. Tensai hits him with repeated head butts. Tensai hits a sit down spine buster and the ref stops the match.

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