- Brock Lesnar is on Twitter at @DCBROCKLESNAR, but hasn't been active on the account since late December.

- Chad Dundas has a blog up at ESPN.com writing about how Brock Lesnar is a better fit in WWE than UFC. Dundas wrote, "his [Lesnar's] flights of fancy with football and mixed martial arts are mercifully finished. They were always somewhat awkward fits, anyway... It's the one thing he's been consistently great at for more than a few fleeting years. Now he's back to it and, while it's impossible to predict how wrestling fans will react to him over the long term, it's good to see 'The Next Big Thing' once again in his natural habitat." It's a good read, you can check it out by clicking here.

- Perry Lefko of Sportsnet agrees with Dundas, and also has a blog about how Lesnar's return to WWE is a good thing. You can check it out at this link.

- Speaking of Lesnar's return, WrestlingINC.com reader Wrath Of A War Child passed along this video of a fan going absolutely nuts during Lesnar's return on RAW, you can check it out below (warning: it contains strong language):

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