Welcome to the April 4th edition of the WWE NXT Recap.

Percy Watson vs. Tyler Reks w/ Curt Hawkins

Percy gets an early advantage and puts on a clinic which causes Reks to go outside to regroup. Reks kicks Percy in the knee upon entering and takes control. He stomps Percy in the corner then puts Percy's arm behind Percy's back and slams him on it. Reks continues to work the left arm; Percy tries to comeback but fails.

Reks slaps Percy in the back of the head a few times while Hawkins looks over at Regal and points to what's going on. Percy gets up a big boot and stops a charging Reks. Reks hits a low blow but Percy brushes it off and hits 2 consecutive drop kicks and then a flying clothesline. Percy plays to the crowd and does his "Heisman Splash" move. Reks fights back but Percy rolls him up for the win.

Winner by pin: Percy Watson

Percy smiles as the ref raises his hand and he sells the left arm. Hawkins, with his cane, and Reks confront Percy in the ring. Regal grabs the mic and says if they touch Percy or anyone else for that matter, they will be suspended for 6 weeks. They defiantly retreat. Regal makes sure the announcer announces Percy as the winner again to rub it in, and for a second it seems like Reks and Hawkins will charge the ring but they don't.

Natalya is backstage talking to her seamstress as Michael McGillicutty approaches. He starts to talk alluding to the fact that both he and she are 3rd generation wrestlers but Natalya tells him not to bring her family into his beef with Tyson Kidd and she storms off.

She faces Kaitlyn nextů


Stills from WrestleMania 28

Natalya is in the ring and Tyson Kidd has joined commentary. Kaitlyn makes her way to the ring.

Natalya vs. Kaitlyn

The girls have a quick hand shake before they lock up. Natalya hits a nice bridge for a near fall and then puts her hand out to Kaitlyn who slaps her 'a five.' These don't look exactly sincere. Kidd says that McGillicutty is trying to say that Kidd is trying to be a Hart. Kidd says that he's not a Hart but he's very proud of his roots. Kidd says he was 12 years old the first time Stu Hart took him down to the Dungeon.

Natalya and Kaitlyn are having a nice match in the ring, going back and forth. Natalya drops Kaitlyn on the back of her head and picks her up by the hair. She asks Kaitlyn if she wants to play with her. Kaitlyn counters a slam attempt and comes off the ropes with a cross body. She goes for a pin, but Natalya powers up and swings around and applies the Sharpshooter; Kaitlyn starts tapping immediately.

Winner by submission: Natalya

Kidd leaves the announce booth and hugs Natalya in the ring.

Backstage, Darren Young is telling Titus O'Neil he wants to get Tamina a coconut tree; O'Neil scolds him and pushes Young into Tamina and Alicia Fox as they pass by. Young says Tamina's been running through his mind all week. The girls awkwardly walk away; Young says he has reservations at McDonald's. Titus who was hiding behind a wall makes fun of him.


WrestleMania 29 from NJ

The Uso's do their full entrance on the stage; Tamina follows. Titus and Young are in the ring.

The Uso's vs. Titus O'Neil & Darren Young

Young starts off with Jimmy Uso then tags Titus; as the Uso's take control. Young and Titus make some quick tags in and out as they start to dominate Jimmy. Jimmy recovers and makes a hot tag to Jey.

Jey takes control of Titus and starts an Uso chant. Young breaks up a pin and Jimmy comes on and throws him to the outside. Jey hits a flying cross body off the top rope on Titus and gets the win.

Winner by pin: The Uso's

Young stares at Tamina as she and the Uso's walk up the ramp. Titus yells at him for not being focused. Titus leaves without Young.


WrestleMania stills

RAW Rebound: Cena/Lesnar

Derrick Bateman and Percy Watson console Kaitlyn backstage as Maxine walks by; she's on the phone. Bateman asks Kaitlyn and Percy if they could have a minute. Bateman tells Maxine she's acting crazy. Johnny Curtis shows up and pulls her aside. He says he got a text from 'the kidnappers' (wasn't Striker on WrestleMania?) They leave for the basement as Kidd approaches Bateman. He tells Bateman to tear McGillicutty apart later tonight.


Edge's movie

Curtis and Maxine are in the boiler room waiting on the kidnappers. Hawkins blindsides Curtis with his cane and Reks puts the sleeper on him. Hawkins says he and Reks are the kidnappers and they're going to make it look like it's Maxine and Curtis unless Maxine gets Regal off their backs. They leave; Curtis and Maxine say they're going to make it real weird.

Derrick Bateman is introduced and makes his way to the ring. Out comes McGillicutty.

McGillicutty vs. Derrick Bateman

They trade chops back and forth. Bateman hits a nice drop kick and clotheslines McGillicutty out of the ring. He then delivers a nice drop kick off the apron to the outside.


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Bateman is in full control. McGillicutty snaps Bateman's neck off the ropes and takes control. McGillicutty hits a drop kick and goes back to a headlock. Both men are down but Bateman makes it up first before the count of 10 and takes full control of McGillicutty. Bateman takes his time going to the top and this gives McGillicutty time to move as Bateman comes crashing down to the mat. McGillicutty hits a swinging neck breaker for the win.

Winner by pin: Michael McGillicutty

Tyson Kidd comes out on the stage and applauds.

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