Steven Muehlhausen of the radio show The Fight Club Chicago recently conducted an interview with former WWE wrestler Jay Bradley, who had previously wrestled in the WWE under the name Ryan Braddock from 2005-2009. Bradley claimed that he was verbally abused by Ty Bailey, who was recently fired from being the top executive at FCW.

"He (Bailey) had a tendency to very much talk down to people, to power play people," Bradley revealed. "He almost had the attitude. The joke I always heard amongst the boys was, 'He probably got beat up a lot in high school by the big jocks and now he's the boss of the big jocks.' He tried to flex his proverbial muscles on 'em.

"There were a couple instances without getting too in depth... The WWE doctor had told me to get checked out and put me on a prescription. The WWE doctor that is that was paid by the company. And he (Bailey) screamed at me, [asking] 'Why was I on this medication and who did this and I'm gonna get fired for this.'

"Yet this was the company doctor! And I paraphrase that severely. It was actually about a 20-minute tongue lashing where I just sat there and took it. I finally asked him to talk to me like an adult because we're both men here, [and to] quit being immature. And he hung up the phone."

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