Re-Post: TNA Impact Results With Tons Of Video

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Re-Post: TNA Impact Results With Tons Of Video
The show begins with a video recap of the GM situation.

Sting and Dixie are in the ring and the entire roster is surrounding the ring. Dixie introduces Hogan.

Hogan says it's nice to be in charge again and he thanks Sting. He thanks Dixie for the 2nd chance. He says that he and creative have come up with new ideas but the business as hand is Lockdown. Crimson and Morgan's feud will end in a cage at the PPV. Crimson is happy with that.

Hogan addresses the Knockouts Title situation. He makes a match for tonight that will determine the #1 contender for the strap at Lockdown. Hogan calls Bischoff to the ring. Flair is at ringside too and he tells Hogan that Bischoff isn't there and that Hogan doesn't tell him what to do.

Roode's music hits and Hogan says he doesn't appreciate Roode being late. Roode says he's the champ and he does what he wants. Roode says his only obligation is at the PPV. Hogan says hold on and calls Mr. Anderson in the ring. He says the fans want to see Anderson vs. Roode tonight. Roode is livid and he tells his cronies to tell Hogan 'no.'

Hogan switches his attention to Angle. He tells Angle that it's true that he won't face Hardy at the PPV; he faces him right now!

Jeff Hardy vs. Kurt Angle

The crowd is chanting for Hardy as the men lock up. Hardy gets Angle in a side head lock and follows up with 2 body blocks and then an armdrag into an armbar. Angle works his way up but Hardy drags him down again. Angle rakes the face and the crowd 'boos.'
Hardy catches Angle with a hurricanrana which sends Angle to the outside then drop kicks him through the ropes. Hardy sends Angle face first on the steel steps and sends Angle back in. Angle catches Hardy on his way back in and Hardy falls back out. Angle is bleeding from the drop kick Hardy gave him on the outside.

Hardy comes off the top with a flipping kick to Angle's skull. Hardy puts together some offense. Angle counters a Twist of Fate attempt into 3 belly to back suplexes; Hardy kicks out. Angle delivers a belly to belly from the turnbuckle. Angle applies the ankle lock. Hardy fights out and goes to the top. Angle moves the ref in the way. Hardy comes down and knocks a series of punches. Angle escapes to regroup. Angle walks up the ramp to 'boos.'

Winner by count out: Jeff Hardy

Hogan applauds Angle as he walks through the curtain. He makes a cage match between Angle and Hardy at Lockdown. Angle is beside himself.

Backstage: Flair is calling Bischoff on his cell. Flair tells Bischoff he needs to get there. Bischoff says he's on his way; Flair says it's an emergency.

Calfzilla is backstage says he's trending and he's not even on Twitter. He says he's the next champ. He tells Aries to get ready and he shows his cavs.

Bully Ray is in the ring and says he has eaten chicken wings bigger than Aries. Aries music hits. Aries shushes everybody and unloads on Bully. Bully gives him an unreal powerbomb. He stands over Aries and asks if he knows who Bully is. Bully walks up the ramp.

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