- ROH has reported that Kevin Steen will get his shot at the ROH World Championship against the champion Davey Richards at the Border Wars event from Toronto on May 12th. After much time trying to avoid making this match, Jim Cornette finally had his hand forced by Richards, who claimed that if the match was not made he would forfeit his title and go to Japan.

"I looked in your eyes Jimmy," Steen told, "and you know what I saw? I saw fear. Real fear, the kind of fear little kids have when the shadows get too dark at bedtime or the kind of fear you have when you see the drive-thru at Wendy's closed early. You know the truth, you know Davey can't stop me, and you know I will be the returning hero walking into Canada that night. It's going to kill you to hear my name get chanted, but just remember, it's only going to get worse when I'm your World Champion. I know Davey and I will tear the house down, and I know we will have a fight that everyone will remember because he isn't scared to face me and he isn't scared of what I represent. He's a machine, I'm a monster, together we will make this show a piece of history."

Steen's package piledriver, which was banned by Cornette after it put El Generico and Steve Corino out of action, has been made legal for the match at the request of Richards.

- ROH will make its return to the Du Burns Arena in Baltimore, Maryland on May 18th. Click here for more details.

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