Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

- Preliminary numbers for WWE's WrestleMania 28 pay-per-view show 636,000 buys in the United States although one source has it as high as 700,000. This would not include Canada's buys. Last year's domestic buys were 679,000 but that also included Canada and Puerto Rico.

These numbers that came out today are all first-week estimates and WWE won't release the final number until the end of May. Last year they did 15,000 buys in Germany and this year only 9,000.

- Earlier reports suggested The Undertaker will work several more WrestleMania events as long as he is able to but another source expects him to work just next year's show in New Jersey. Taker's left shoulder was in bad shape and he was banged up when the Hell in a Cell match with Triple H was over at WrestleMania 28. However, reports were that he came out of Hell in a Cell less injured than he came out of the WrestleMania 27 match.

Regarding Triple H's status, he will wrestle sparingly from here on out as office work is taking a priority. The belief is that he will still do some matches from time to time.

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