Welcome to the April 12, 2012 edition of the WWE Superstars Recap.

We begin with footage from Raw on Monday of Cena and Lesnar.

Kofi Kingston vs. Curt Hawkins w/ Tyler Reks

Kofi and Curt lock up with Kofi getting the upper hand and Curt rolling to the outside to regroup. Curt goes back in and drop toe-holds Kofi then transitions into an armbar. Kofi breaks free and hits some offense along with a big splash and a cover for a 2 count. Kofi applies his own armbar. Kofi finds himself in a headlock and fights out only to get shoulder blocked. Kofi hits some high flying offense and clotheslines Curt to the outside. Kofi then flies through the ropes and hits a crossbody on Curt. Curt catches him on the way back in with a knee to the face as Kofi was distracted by Reks on the outside.

Back from a break, Kofi is in another headlock. Curt covers him for a 2. Curt goes back to a headlock. Kofi works his way up and kicks Curt in the face in the corner. Kofi is in control; he hits some moves and a nice dropkick. Curt hits him with a big boot in the corner. Kofi recovers and springboards off the top but Curt side steps it and bodyslams him and gets a 2. Curt tries to send Kofi to the ropes but Kofi counters and sends Curt in and plants a kick right in the face for the pin.

Winner by pin: Kofi Kingston

Brie Bella vs. Kelly Kelly

Brie gets the advantage with kicks to Kelly in the corner. Kelly counters with her handstand headlock in the ropes move. Kelly pulls Brie out and Brie slams hard on the padding around the ring. Kelly slams her face into ground repeatedly. Kelly throws her back in and Brie begs off. Kelly grabs her outstretched hand and stomps on it. Kelly "runs the ropes" (or barely taps them if you will) and jumps right into Brie's arms for a sidewalk slam. Brie gloats and covers for a 2.

Brie pulls Kelly's hair while standing on her back. Brie gets another 2 count. Kelly screams as if she's giving birth as Brie applies a reverse chinlock. Kelly recovers and hits a Thesz press. Kelly taps the ropes again and executes her Kelly-Go-Round move. She delivers a Stinkface to Brie in the corner. Kelly counters Brie and flips over her into a bridge for the pin.

Winner by pin: Kelly Kelly

Jinder Mahal vs. Ezekiel Jackson

Jackson overpowers Mahal and Mahal slaps him in the face for it. The men trade some offense. The crowd breaks into USA chant. (they don't know Jackson is from Guyana). Mahal puts him in a reverse chin lock then kicks him in the corner. Mahal slaps Jackson again and sets him off into a tirade. Mahal quickly puts a stop to it with a big boot and then applies a Camel Clutch. Jackson taps out.

Winner by submission: Jinder Mahal

-RAW Rebound: Cena & Lesnar

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