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We begin with a recap of last week.

Eric Bischoff makes his way to the ring.

Bischoff berates a "fat" person in the audience and gets a huge you suck chant. They loudly chant we don't care as he tries to talk over them. Bischoff talks about Hogan and Garett and introduces his team. Out comes Bully Ray, Gunner, Daniels, and Kazarian.

Bully grabs the mic and gets the same treatment of the fans. Bully says he's proud to be on Bischoff's team. He says Garett is Bischoff's one mistake.

Garett's music hits. He stands on the stage and says his team is chomping at the bits. Out comes Mr. Anderson.


Mr. Anderson vs. Gunner

The winner will get the lead-in advantage for his team this Sunday. They brawl to the outside. Back in the ring Gunner grabs the tights for a cover but Anderson kicks out at 2. Anderson looks intense he kicks Gunner in the lower abdominal while Gunner is on his back. Gunner recovers and hits a forearm and a series of fists to the head. Gunner garbs the tights again but to no avail. They trade punches. Anderson takes control in the corner and we get a yes chant. The ref calls for the bell because Anderson won't stop stomping and choking Gunner with his boot.

Winner by disqualification: Gunner


Eric Young is in front of a mirror and blue tux and glasses giving himself a pre-wedding pep talk. He is interrupted by Joseph Park. Young tells him about Immortal and tells him to start his search there. He gives Young his card and tells him good luck.

The Motorcity Machine Guns are in the ring. Sabin says they're looking to the future and the titles. Shelley names their accomplishments over Joe & Magnus's. Joe & Magnus come to the ring. Magnus says he respects them. He says he and Joe are the best team today. Magnus says they could go right now.

Anarquia and Hernandez come out and say they should not be left out. Motorcity and Joe & Magnus each take out a member of Mexican America as a sort of statement to each other.


Christopher Daniels vs. Austin Aries

This is another match for the advantage between the Bischoff and Garett teams this Sunday. Daniels and Aries put on a clinic, going back and forth. Aries hits a beautiful dropkick and lounges on the ropes. Daniels gets the upper hand and he stomps Aries on the mat. Daniels tosses Aries out and attempts and moonsault off the ropes but Aries sprints into the ring, springs off the ropes and flies into Daniels through the ropes on the outside.

Aries hits a Tornado punch and then his springboard reverse elbow as Daniels lies on the mat. Daniels and Aries both grab the tights on their respective pin attempts but the ref catches both of them. Daniels hits a Rock Bottom and attempts a Best Moonsault Ever but Aries moves. Aries hits a missile dropkick off the top then another running dropkick in the corner. Aries hits a brainbuster for the win. The series is tied at 1-1.

Winner by pin: Austin Aries


Jeff Hardy is in the ring as the cage for the wedding is being built around him. Hardy says his problems with Angle started with Angle costing him the title and it's going to end in a cage. He says he and Angle will make history and hurt each other this Sunday.

Last Thusday: Storm cuts a promo on Roode with Montgomery Gentry behind him. The musicians say they want a piece of Roode too.

Young continues his self pep talk. He is seduced by Sarita & Rosita. They flash him from behind their trench coats and try to get him to not marry ODB. He runs out.


Young comes out followed by ODB to wedding music. The traditional bride music stops and her theme plays. She is wearing a camo-like dress with frills and a traditional white headdress. They hold hands as the reverend speaks. He calls Young by his full name but calls ODB, ODB. He says the cage is symbolic of strength.

We go to a video made by Young and ODB that demonstrate their love for each other. It's a montage set to "slow jam" music. Young says he promises to be with her and care for her forever even when she farts and rub his feet because she's into that and he cares. He says he will be her tag partner in wrestling and life. ODB says she promises not to take his last name but his ring music. She will slap him around because he's into that. The rev asks who objects.

Sarita & Rosita come out. They do a strip tease to entice Young. ODB wipes tears. She tells Young she gets it and takes off her dress revealing a bra and panties, she takes a swig. Young tells her she's perfect and everything he's ever wanted. He says he knows what will make this wedding perfect. He disrobes to his underwear. They make the rev strip too. They are pronounced man and wife and they fall to the mat, and on top of each other.

Backstage, Flair is giving Bully Ray a pep talk. Bischoff and the rest of his team are there.


Roode is backstage with his cronies and he says his match with Storm this Sunday is personal.

Bull Ray vs. AJ Styles

The members of both teams surround the ring. The two men feel each other out with AJ getting an early advantage only to be side slammed by Bully. AJ leapfrogs Bully and hits a dropkick. Bully boots him to the outside. Bully tosses him back in and applies a bear hug. AJ gets out and Bully hits a back body drop. AJ moves as Bully attempts a splash and Bully belly flops. AJ hits some signature offense. Bully catches him with a back drop for a 2 count. Bully goes to the top but AJ cuts him off with a hurricanrana. He covers and gets a 2 and a half.

Kazarian grabs AJ's foot from the outside and the teams brawl. AJ gets another 2. He slides to the outside and kicks Kazarian. Bully is given a chain by Bischoff. AJ leaps off the top but is caught in the face with the chain. Bully pins him.

Winner by pin: Bully Ray

Hogan's music hits.

He claps and says the match this Sunday is now 5 on 5 and gives Bischoff 3 minutes to pick another member.


Flair wants in the ring but is held back. Bischoff says he knows Hogan is going to be there 5th man and he asks Flair to let him (Bischoff) be their 5th man. Flair agrees.

Hogan says he's so predictable. He says he is the GM and he takes it seriously and it's not him. Garett does the RVD thumb thing and out he comes.

Roode narrates a video package starring Storm. He basically says he made Storm and he's going to win this Sunday. In the video Storm says he will win and the BS will stop.


Madison Rayne & Gail Kim vs. Mickie James & Velvet Sky

Mickie starts off with Madison. Madison kicks her in the face and tags Gail. Velvet comes in and takes control. Mickie tags back in followed by Gail. Mickie is double teamed but dodges a charging Gail who falls to the outside. Mickie makes the hot tag to Velvet who dominates Gail. She covers but Madison saves Gail. Gail tries to escape with her title but Mickie throws her back in. Velvet hits a sit down face plant for the pin.

Winners by pin: Mickie & Velvet


Storm's music and he comes to the ring followed by Roode and his bodyguards. They both have on suits; Roode of course has a tie on too. Storm says they just yell and don't talk anymore. He puts over their history with each other. We see a video, as he talks, of some highlights.

Roode says he agrees with the importance of Beer Money as the crowd chants You Sold Out. Roode recaps his road to the title and says that while that was going on Storm was doing nothing. Storm says that he actually was winning the title. Roode says they were never friends and the only thing that kept them together was the love of the business. Roode says Storm is jealous of him.

Storm says he sold him out for money. He says that in Nashville is his hometown and he will kick the crap out of Roode. Roode talks about Storm's family and both men take off their jackets. Roode mentions Storm's dead brother and father and they lock heads.

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