Thanks to reader Litka for sending in these results from last night's WWE live event in Gdansk, Poland:

Non Title Match: R-Truth & Kofi Kingston def. Primo & Epico (c)
The match was announced to be for the Tag Team gold, but David Otunga walked out and said that Mr. Laurinaitis changed his mind. Solid match, which lasted about 10 minutes. The dominating chant was... "Rosa Mendes" and "We want Rosa". R-Truth pinned Epico after hitting Shut Up.

Lord Tensai def. Alexa Riley
An usual squash. Crowd has chanted "You are A-Train", and "you f*cked up" after botching an action. Quick and quite boring match.

Zack Ryder def. The Miz
Before the match Miz has cut a promo in Polish, crowd seemed to be into him. There were loud "Miz is Awesome" chants.

Brodus Clay def. JTG
Another squash, which ended after What The Funk. There were loud "JTG" chants through the match. After the match, dancers invited some children into the ring and were dancing with them. The funny thing was there were also a guy dressed as a... chicken. During Brodus' entrance he started to dance. This guy stole the entire show, therefore were also "Funky Chicken" chants.

United States Title: Santino Marella (c) def. Davida Otung and Jack Swagger
Quick match, didn't work with the crowd. I didn't enjoy it although I like Jack Swagger. It was just.. Poor. At the end Santino hit the Cobra and pinned Jack Swagger.

Divas Title: Beth Phoenix (c) def. Kelly Kelly
Beth got a huge ovation from the crowd. There were many "Welcome Home, Beth" banners and the same chants (not that I'm bragging, but it was my idea to welcome her this way :) )
Kelly botched most of the actions, including simple bulldog and handstand scissors. Beth tried as hard as she could to save that match and I totally bought it. Eventually, after an interference from Eve (she was a special ring announcer for the match), Beth Glam Slammed Kelly and got a pinfall.

There were loud "Polish Power" and "Let's go Phoenix" chants. Bethie seemed to be touched with Polish reaction, was smiling and looking at the "Welcome home" banners. There were about 50 or more of them, didn't count them, but that's a lot, I think.

Last Man Standing: John Cena def. Kane.
Quite long and solid match, the crowd gone crazy. During the entrance, Cena was booed by the crowd, but then were a regular chant war : Let's Go Cena vs Cena Sucks (which seemed to dominate). They used some chairs, ringbell & microphone. They also broke two tables. Cena won by hitting Attitude Adjustment through a table. After the match Cena grabbed Polish national scarf from the crowd and posed with it, then took it away.

WWE Championship: CM Punk (c) def. Dolph Ziggler (w Vickie Guerrero) - Otunga as a special enforcer.
Before the match started, Dolph and Vickie were spotting for banners and waving and blowing kisses to their owners (banners, not those two xD). Personally, I also got one :). I'd say that Ziggler got the biggest heat of the night, apart from David Otunga. CM Punk got the biggest cheer of the night, what didn't surprise me. Even the ref, Scott Armstrong, got the huge reaction from the crowd. When Justin Roberts wanted to announce challengers, CM Punk once again silenced him. Why? Because he's noticed "Justin Roberts" chants, which already showed up through the event.
The match was long and really nice to watch. Ziggler was really close to win it when Otunga hit Punk with a thermos, but Brooks was able to break the pin and eventually knockout Ziggler with GTS.

Through the entire event there were "Yes!" chants. I spotted a large group with "YES!" banners. Of course, the Funky Chicken has been noticed by lots of people.

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