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Here are Scott Steiner's latest comments from Twitter:

Ever since england they have made someone come out with garrett to make sure he wasnt booed.

First they made jeff hardy do it then last nite it was AJ Rvd Anderson that bcuz

over in England when hogan n garrett were in the ring and he said garrett was the future of wrestling.

Hogan n garrett got booed so bad they had to do multiple takes bcuz the booing was so bad!!!

But they fixed it in post-production to look like they were cheering when it aired but it still drew a bad rating

Listen dumbasses just bcuz u fixed it in post it still fn happen snap out of yur fantansy world n realize

Nobody gives a f*** about a guy who cant talk,wrestle and is the son of an asshole

b---hoff n hogan have no respect for the business or the ppl in Tna to do this bulls--t

Check out the graphic for the ppv,it has eric n garrett in fore front n everybody else that ppl care about

In the background thats bulls--t but they put everybody else in the match bcuz they know if they just

Put eric n garrett in a match ppl will s--t all over it..U want to drive b---hoff crazy bring signs to ppv

Saying 609 or chant 609 when he is in the ring,FYI make signs at building bcuz they take all signs that they dont like

Feel bad for the guys who have to put up with this bulls--t ,Garrett hasnt earnd the right to be on TV,, 10 matches f***

Flyin to toronto remember 609- 609 -609 save TNA

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