TNA's Matt Morgan, who wrestles Crimson on Sunday's TNA Lockdown PPV event, said on today's PWTorch Livecast (click to subscribe in iTunes) that his contract with TNA is up later this year. He says he is loyal to TNA, but WWE has expressed interest in him and he could see circumstances that would lead to his going back to WWE.

"I have another year left on my contract with TNA," he said. "My fifth of five years. I signed a five year deal with them four years ago. I believe in October it will be up. The way it works is I'm a businessman first and foremost, right? And you try to keep your options open as much as humanly possible. I did start with WWE. They gave me a lot of tools and a lot of knowledge and I was trained by some of the best big men this business has ever had and learned a lot of things from those people over there in WWE. So I was very very lucky."

He said it was a mistake for WWE to release him five years ago, but he understands in retrospect the circumstances that led to his being part of massive layoffs in 2005.

"Unfortunately, unluckily I came there during a time when there was a revolving door. The day I got released I believe we lost 22 other guys in a two days span on a Thursday as well as Black Friday in 2005. I believe it was one of those wrong places, wrong time. Timing is everything in this sport."

As far as a possible WWE return goes, he is not ruling it out. "To say I wouldn't go back would be dumb on my part and it would be a lie," he said. "But at the same time, I really am - I know people don't like this answer who are pro-WWE and not so pro-TNA - but that's the truth, I am loyal to those who are loyal to me. The minute, the day TNA stops being as loyal to me as I feel I am being to them, that's a different discussion all to itself and I definitely would weigh my options a lot differently if and when that day ever came. But speaking right now, I'm happy for the most part with how TNA has been treating me and they've done a really good job with me the last four years."

He believes WWE would look back at releasing him as a mistake, yet at the same time WWE had so much talent around the same age, he understands their decision. "I think I've proven it was a mistake, but not a mistake because of the timing," he said. "Timing really is everything. If they have a roster, which they did at the time, full of guys in my age group - they were throwing so much crap against the wall to see what would stick, a lot of us weren't given a lot of time to stick against the wall, first and foremost, to see if something would come out of these characters they were trying to present so quickly. I mean, if you watch back those old Smackdowns and Raws from '03 to '05 or '06, you'd see a lot of guys I could easily see now becoming huge."

He says one big recent move by WWE could open the door for his return plus it would set up a big name opponent for him. To read the full PWTorch story, including that detail and specifically what he thinks TNA has done well during his stay with them to advance his credibility, click here.

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