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Bobby Roode joined Busted Open with Doug Mortman and Dave LaGreca. Here are a few highlights from the interview.

On Sunday's Lockdown match with James Storm: It's been six months in the making, basically. A lot of hype behind it obviously, a lot of promotion going into it, a lot of pressure, but I've been under the gun for the last six months as the World Champion and I thrive on pressure. So Sunday night's going to be no different; I'm just going to be facing a different guy. I'm looking forward to it. This is a huge match--I'm not going to kid around here. This is two TNA original guys who have been there from the beginning, being put in the spotlight, being put in the main event.

"One of the biggest pay-per-views in our company's history. It's a huge deal for me and it's a huge deal for James [Storm]. I've held this title for going on six months, I've main-evented pay-per-views, I've main-evented overseas Impact's. I'm kind of getting used to this and I kind of like it so if there's more pressure on anybody, it's going to be James. I mean, he's in his own backyard, he's going to be in front of friends and family, he's going to be in Nashville in the main event going for the World Championship. So I know that I feel some pressure, but there's no doubt that James is going to be feeling a lot more pressure Sunday night.

Is this is the biggest match of your career? "Yes, absolutely. No doubt. I mean there's so much to prove. What this means to us both personally, there's absolutely no bigger match I've ever been in my life."

On Beer Money to singles wresting, and answering doubters: "I would like to think so. Since I came into this company, I was known as a tag-team guy starting with Team Canada and then breaking off on my own for a short period of time, and then hooking up with James and having the run with Beer Money for almost four years and becoming such a successful tag-team. Everybody identified myself, and James for that matter, as tag-team guys, and I don't think anybody really gave us a shot to get to where we're at. It's a good feeling. Personally speaking, I knew that I always had what it took to be top guy.

"I knew what it took to be a World Champion. I craved it, I wanted it. I was eager and determined to become a superstar, to become what I am today, and honestly I don't even think I've reached my peak or the potential that I have. I really want to keep going, I really want to keep proving myself each and every night and hopefully after Sunday I'm going to keep on that championship trail and keep proving people wrong and becoming a bigger superstar.

On Being the Face of TNA: You've got to know how to handle things and the thing that people don't realize is you've got to be confident in yourself. As soon as you lose that confidence, everything starts to fall apart. I have a lot of confidence in my ability; I have a lot of confidence in myself right now, especially after the last six months. I've been able to hang in there with guys like Jeff Hardy and AJ Styles and Sting and verbal conversations on TV with Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair.

"I'm in great shape right now and I'm really looking forward to getting into Nashville and getting in that cage. This has been building for such a long time. Everyone talks about how Impact Wrestling has WWE washed-up guys who come in and take our spots. This is an opportunity for two TNA-original guys—me and James—to go out there and prove that we belong in the main event. I know that I am ready, and I'm sure that he is as well."

On Jeff Hardy's comeback: "Impressive is an understatement. I got an opportunity to step in the ring and wrestle with Jeff numerous nights since his return. Since I won the title, we've wrestled each other all over the world basically. I mean, every live event we would wrestle each other. I got to be honest with you, he is in probably the best shape of his life right now. He's got his life back together, he's focused on his career, and I've had a lot of fun performing with Jeff over the last little while. I'm sure his match with Kurt [Angle] is going to be epic on Sunday."

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