James Storm Talks On Match With Roode, His Legacy, Kurt Angle, AJ Styles, And More

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Source: ProWrestling.net

On Kurt Angle: "Every time he's on Lockdown, he pulls out a hell of a performance. That hamstring, you hurt it, it's OK. But you try to push and it tears, you're done for a long time. He knows his body, he knows when he's able to go and what he's able to do. Hopefully he's cautious when he gets inside that ring, and doesn't do something too stupid."

Is it a necessity to have blood in a cage match? "No. I know me and Bobby's match is bound to have blood cause there's such intense feud and we're not going to hold nothing back. I mean, if we get busted open the hard way, so be it. But I don't think there's a necessity to have blood in every cage match. You just got to go in there and you have to work smart."

On how his relationship with Montgomery Gentry started: "Alcohol. We were hanging out at a bar, and someone was telling me, 'Hey, that's Montgomery Gentry over there.' I listen to some of their music, so I went over there and they were more shocked than I was, like 'Man, you're Cowboy James Storm!' We just stood there and drank beer and had a good time, down at Tootsies in Nashville."

On Garrett Bischoff: "I don't think it's really Garrett's fault. I travel with him on the road sometimes. I'll get in the ring with him before a house show and we'll wrestle around and me and him work on some different things he need to work on. I mean, he's doing his best to get better because he knows that he was just kind of thrown in to the wolves."

On AJ Styles: "Somebody brought something up to me that I thought would've been pretty interesting that said if I win the World Title this Sunday that it would be cool to have a match, me against AJ Styles, at Slammiversary because we're the only two guys that have been here since Day One that are left on the roster. You give us twenty minutes out there to tell a story and wrestle, we'll definitely tear it down. Especially AJ.

"He's one of the best of the best; there's no doubt about it. For the last ten, fifteen years, he delivers every time. There's nobody in my mind that tells a story better in the ring than A. J. Styles. So for people trying to nit-pick him saying he can't cut great promos, to me, he cut pretty good promos and that's good enough. His wrestling abilities make up for the rest of it.

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