WWE Live Event Results From Nottingham, England (4/15) - Cena & Punk Celebrate Vickie's Birthday

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WWE Championship: CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho in a no DQ match
Jericho came out to fairly large heat, but there were some cheers and chants of "Y2J." Punk came out to the biggest clear pop of the night. Jericho cut a promo calling the crowd "limeys" and saying how they need to stop chanting CM Punk's name. This lead to Punk jumping Jericho and putting a beat down on him in the corner.

Best match of the night with Jericho and Punk showing their class. At one point the crowd changed "we want tables" so Punk went under the apron to look but couldn't find any, so he asked the crowd if a chair was ok. The crowd laughed at that one. Action headed to the outside with steel steps, a kendo stick and more chairs being involved. Back in the ring and Punk had Jericho in the Anaconda Vice only for David Otunga to interfere, which lead to Jericho hitting the codebreaker but Punk kicked out off at 2 1/2. Otunga then interfered again, only to receive a kick to the head from Punk which then lead to him hitting Jericho with the GTS for the pin.

After the match Vickie came out again to massive heat and said that she wanted someone to deal with CM Punk - so out came Ziggler and Swagger who started to beat him down. Crowd started chanting for Cena, who came out with Zack Ryder for the save. Punk then grabbed a mic and said to Vickie that Cena had a few words for her. Cena said that he felt the passion in their kiss earlier but wanted to apologize if she would get in the ring. Vickie climbed into the ring and Cena said sorry, but then broke out of character and said that it was Vickie's Birthday and that we should all sing Happy Birthday to her (which the crowd did). Kelly Kelly brought a cake down to the ring as Cena had Vickie's back turned and CM Punk planted the cake in her face, which drew huge laughs from the crowd and Cena. Cena and Punk then hugged Vickie and waved to the crowd to send them home happy.

All in all a good show with solid matches and comedy.

Biggest Pops
CM Punk
John Cena
Brodus Clay
Kofi Kingston

Most Heat
Vickie Guererro
Chris Jericho
The Miz
John Cena

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