TNA Lockdown Results: Roode Vs. Storm, Hogan & Flair Face Off; Sound Off With Your Thoughts

Daniels comes in and Team Eric takes back control. Mr. Anderson is the next man out for Team Garett. Anderson hits the cage and takes out Daniels and Gunner. Kazarian and Daniels double team AJ now. The timer goes off again and the final man out for Team Eric is none other than Eric Bischoff. Eric comes in and holds his son while Ray slaps him. Kazarian joins in as does Gunner. Garett goes down and they celebrate.

The numbers game continues until Rob Van Dam is the last man out. RVD comes in with clotheslines and kicks, cleaning house. RVD hits Rolling Thunder on Ray and we see Eric Bischoff hiding. The top of the steel cage begins to drop down and it's loaded with weapons.

The weapons drop and Anderson hits a bunch of trash can lid shots. RVD comes off the ropes with a trash can shot to Daniels. Eric Bischoff is still hiding down behind a turnbuckle as chaos breaks loose with the weapons. AJ and Aries finally grab Eric and bring him into the action. Aries slams Bischoff and skids on his face. RVD goes to the top for a frog splash on Bischoff but Gunner makes the save. Aries takes out Gunner but gets slammed from high by Ray. Team Eric starts to make a comeback now.

AJ and Kazarian battle on the top rope holding the cage. They walk the ropes and Kazarian climbs out to the center of the ring, hanging from the top of the cage. AJ follows him and kicks Kazarian down to the mat. AJ drops down with a big elbow. RVD comes down off the top with a frog splash on Kazarian. Ray gets up and runs over AJ with a boot. Ray grabs a chair but RVD kicks it into his face. Daniels with the double underhook on RVD. Daniels grabs Garett but Garett tackles him and covers for 2. Eric breaks the pin up with kendo stick shots to his son's back.

Eric repeatedly hits Garett with the kendo stick while yelling at him. The crowd chants for Hulk Hogan. Garett's back is covered in welts. Bischoff shows off as the crowd boos him. Eric goes back to hitting his son with the kendo stick. Garett gets up and hits his father with a guitar shot to get the pin and the win.

Winner: Team Garett Bischoff

- Tenay and Taz talk about Eric Buschoff being gone from TNA and not able to use the Bischoff name.

TNA Tag Team Title Match: The Motor City Machineguns vs. Samoa Joe and Magnus

We go to the ring and out first comes Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin. Out next are the TNA Tag Team Champions Magnus and Samoa Joe in the cage.

Shelley starts things out with Magnus and they do some back and forth. Shelley starts working on the leg. Sabin tags in and they double team Magnus with kicks. 1 count for Sabin. Joe gets the tag and goes at it with Sabin. Shelley gets the tag and comes in off the top. Joe drops Shelley and in comes Magnus again. The Guns double team Magnus. Magnus throws Shelley into Sabin and Joe gets the tag again.

More tags and back and forth action. Sabin ends up powerbombing Joe from the corner. Shelley and Magnus fight up on the top rope. Shelley sends Magnus to the mat and hits a double stomp from the top for 2. MCMG ram Joe's head into the corner and double team Magnus with kicks. Another 2 count. More back and forth action. Shelley hits Sliced Bread on Magnus but Joe breaks the pin. The champs miss their double team move and Magnus gets rolled up for a close 2 count. Magnus blocks Sliced Bread and slams Shelley. Joe tosses Sabin onto Shelley. Joe and Magnus hit the snap-mare elbow this time for the win.

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