TNA Lockdown Results: Roode Vs. Storm, Hogan & Flair Face Off; Sound Off With Your Thoughts

Hogan says they're at Lockdown and everything is fair game. He talks about how Bischoff is gone. Hogan says everyone knows if he and Flair go at it right now, they will tear the roof off the building. Hogan says if Flair has a problem, he better do something about it right now. Flair says Hogan just pissed him off and goes to take his jacket off. Hogan drops him with a right hand to the head. Hogan mocks Flair and leaves the ring. Flair gets up and tells Hogan to come back. Flair is ready to fight. He starts throwing his shoes and drops an elbow on the empty ring. Flair goes nuts on the mic but Hogan leaves. Flair turns his attention to Mike Tenay and says he will kick his ass. Flair starts yelling at fans again before they end it.

- We get a promo video for Matt Morgan vs. Crimson.

Matt Morgan vs. Crimson

We go to the ring and out first comes Crimson followed by his former partner Matt Morgan. Crimson tries to escape early on but Morgan stops him. Morgan mounts an offense and hits a big sideslam. Crimson tries to leave out of the cage door but Morgan pulls him back in. Morgan slams Crimson head first into the cage and he goes down. Morgan teases walking out of the cage and has the chance to. Morgan stops and comes back into the ring to continue the attack.

Morgan goes for a chokeslam but Crimson cuts him off and comes back with a big clothesline. Crimson with a 2 count. Crimson with the knees to the head and an elbow. Crimson runs and hits a low dropkick for another 2 count. Crimson keeps in control of Morgan until he runs into a big boot. Morgan comes back but gets caught with a spinebuster for 2. Crimson charges but Morgan hits him with the spinning clothesline. Morgan with right hands and more clotheslines. Morgan with a big boot to the face. Morgan drops Crimson's face in the corner and back suplexes him.

Morgan with a splash in the corner and a splash on the side of the cage. Crimson ducks the big boot in the corner and Morgan gets hung up. Crimson climbs the cage and makes it to the top as Morgan grabs his leg. They fight on the top rope now but Morgan falls and the ropes hit between his legs. Morgan falls to the mat with his leg hung up on the rope. Crimson motions to Morgan and climbs over the cage to get the win and remain undefeated.

Winner: Crimson

- We get a promo video for Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Hardy.

Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Hardy

We go back to the cage and out first comes Kurt Angle. Jeff Hardy is out next and here we go.

Angle takes control of the match early on and backs Hardy into the corner. Hardy makes a comeback and hits the low dropkick in the corner. Hardy with right hands. They run the ropes and Angle throws him head first into the cage wall. Angle takes back control and rubs Hardy's face into the cage.

Angle continues to use the cage on Hardy and he's busted open now. Hardy finally comes back and hits a clothesline. Hardy with a forearm off the ropes and offense in the corner. Hardy catches Angle with an elbow and hits Whisper in the Wind. Hardy with a 2 count. Hardy with more offense and a stunner.

Hardy climbs up the cage but Angle stops him. Angle suplexes Hardy back to the mat from up high on the cage and covers but only gets a 2 count. More back and forth action as the crowd gets into it. Hardy goes to leave the door but Angle pulls him back and applies the ankle lock. Hardy turns it around and has the ankle lock applied on Kurt now. Angle breaks free but Hardy hits Twist of Fate. Hardy hits a Swanton from up high now. He climbs back to the top rope and hits a second Swanton but Angle kicks out at 2.

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