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Ric Flair's music hits and out he comes for a surprise, according to Taz.

Flair asks the fans if they have any idea who just walked into the ring. Flair singles out a "fat boy" in the front row and someone with no teeth. Flair puts himself over and says he's a special type of cat. Flair says he's pissed off and when he's pissed off, it's not good for who he's pissed off at. Flair says Hulk Hogan just won't leave him alone and tonight, Eric Bischoff's career was ended. Flair singles out another fat boy at ringside and rips into him. Hogan's music hits and out he comes.

Hogan approaches the cage but doesn't enter. Hogan says Flair is the greatest wrestler of all-time and asks the fans if they agree. Hogan asks if he can enter Flair's ring. Flair wants him to come in so they can talk real quick. Flair tells SoCal Val to get her ass up and open the rope for Hogan. Hogan says if Flair has a problem with the way he works as General Manager, express it now. Flair says he's had a problem with Hogan for 30 years and he doesn't like the way he's running TNA. Flair says he should have been in Lethal Lockdown, not Bischoff. Flair says he works for Hogan now but the day he gets too pissed off, he will just kick Hogan's ass.

Hogan says they're at Lockdown and everything is fair game. He talks about how Bischoff is gone. Hogan says everyone knows if he and Flair go at it right now, they will tear the roof off the building. Hogan says if Flair has a problem, he better do something about it right now. Flair says Hogan just pissed him off and goes to take his jacket off. Hogan drops him with a right hand to the head. Hogan mocks Flair and leaves the ring. Flair gets up and tells Hogan to come back. Flair is ready to fight. He starts throwing his shoes and drops an elbow on the empty ring. Flair goes nuts on the mic but Hogan leaves. Flair turns his attention to Mike Tenay and says he will kick his ass. Flair starts yelling at fans again before they end it.

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