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TNA World Heavyweight Title Match: James Storm vs. Bobby Roode

James Storm comes driving his pick-up truck into the arena and makes his way to the cage. Out next comes the TNA World Heavyweight Champion Bobby Roode. Roode walks around the ring and Storm attacks from behind. Storm beats Roode up on the floor and brings the steel steps into play. Storm slams Roode's head into the steps. Storm leaps off the table and hits an elbow to the head. Earl Hebner tries to get them in the cage but Storm keeps the fight outside.

Roode blocks Storm and turns it around on the floor. Storm counters and whips Roode hard into the fan barrier. Storm continues the assault outside of the ring. Storm charges with a chair but Roode moves and pushes Storm into the cage wall. Roode grabs a beer and drinks some. We see that Storm is busted open from the cage now. Roode with right hands and we're still not in the cage yet.

We see country star Montgomery Gentry and Storm's wife looking on from ringside. Finally Roode brings Storm in the cage and the bell rings. Roode keeps control as Storm bleeds. Roode with a suplex and a knee drop to the head. Roode with another 2 count. Roode hits right hands but it doesn't phase Storm. Storm comes back with right hands but Roode takes back control. Roode continues beating Storm bloody.

Storm makes a comeback finally and catapults Roode into the cage. Storm keeps control for the most part but Roode goes back and forth. The door is open and Roode starts to crawl out. Storm grabs his leg and pulls him. Roode turns that around and applies the crossface. They end up in the corner and Roode goes for a superplex. Storm blocks it and they fight in the corner. Roode crawls up to leave the cage but Storm tries to stop him. Storm gets knocked to the mat but crawls back up. He brings Roode back over and they fight on top of the rope. More back and forth and close calls. Storm hits the big superkick but nails the referee with it. Hebner opens the door as Roode steps to the apron. Roode tells Hebner to give him a beer bottle and he does.

Roode smashes Storm with the bottle but Storm still kicks out at 2. Storm finally connects with the super kick but it doesn't do the job. Storm hits another super kick but it knocks Roode out of the cage door and to the floor to end the match.

Winner: Bobby Roode

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