** SPOILERS ** Tonight's WWE RAW Supershow From London

* Backstage comedy segment in a library with Hornswoggle and R-Truth, dressed as Sherlock Holmes. Hornswoggle got locked in.

* Kofi Kingston vs. Daniel Bryan is up next. Huge YES chants for Bryan. Bryan wins after a good back and forth match with the Yes Lock, formerly the LeBell Lock. The crowd goes nuts for Bryan. Bryan re-applied the hold after the match until Sheamus came out. Bryan dodged a Brogue Kick and left as the crowd was still chanting.

* Brodus Clay comes out! Vickie Guerrero came out and introduced Dolph Ziggler. Swagger, who was wearing a suit, came out with him. Brodus Clay vs. Dolph Ziggler ends almost immediately by DQ when Jack Swagger interfered. Vickie Guerrero got into it at ringside with one of Clay's dancers and kicked her. Vickie then bumped into Clay and ran off. Clay and his dancers dance in the ring to end it.

* Backstage Laurinaitis is giving a pep talk to David Otunga. Eve comes along and has some 'alone time' with Johnny.

* A video for the late Chief Jay Strongbow airs.

* Big Show and The Great Khali vs. Epico and Primo is up next. Abraham Washington watches the match from up on the ramp. Show and Khali get the win after a double choke slam in what was a glorified squash match.

* John Cena comes out for his Extreme Rules match against a mystery man. That mystery man is none other than Lord Tensai. Laurinaitis comes out and watches Tensai dominate Cena. Cena finally makes a comeback outside of the ring after reversing a powerbomb and hitting Tensai with the stairs, but Sakamoto attacks him and David Otunga throws Cena back in the ring. Late in the match, Cena locks in the Crippler Crossface but Otunga broke it up. Cena AA's Otunga, allowing Tensai to spit the green mist into Cena's face and then hit his finisher to get the surprising win and end RAW.

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