WWE RAW Results: Cena Vs. Mystery Opponent, Punk Vs. Henry... Sound Off With Your Thoughts

Winners: Big Show and The Great Khali

- We get a video looking at WWE's debut in Moscow before going back to commercial.

Extreme Rules Match: Lord Tensai vs. John Cena

Back from the break and out comes John Cena for the main event. John Laurinaitis comes out next and introduces Cena's opponent and here comes Lord Tensai with Sakomoto.

The bell rings and Tensai goes to work on Cena. Cena blocks a suplex twice and hits one on Tensai but it has no effect. Tensai gets right up and clotheslines Cena. Tensai takes back control and whips Cena hard into the opposite corner. Tensai continues beating Cena around the ring and hits a big splash in the corner.

Cena goes to the floor and Tensai follows. They fight and Tensai whips Cena into the steel steps. Tensai looks to powerbomb Cena on the floor but Cena backdrops him. Cena grabs the steel steps and cracks Tensai in the head. Cena brings it back in the ring but Sakomoto attacks him with kicks. Otunga comes over and throws Cena in the ring. Tensai grabs him for a big double underhook suplex for a 2 count. Tensai continues the assault on Cena as some "Albert" chants break out in the crowd.

Cena finally makes a comeback and takes Tensai down. Cena goes for the Five Knuckle Shuffle but Tensai gets up and chops him down. Tensai hits the big back splash for another 2 count. Tensai drops down on Cena's arm and applies an armbar. Cena breaks free and applies the STF. Otunga hits the ring and Cena gives him an Attitude Adjustment. Cena turns around to the green mist from Tensai. Tensai hits the sitdown powerbomb for the win.

Winner: Lord Tensai

- Cena's face is covered in green mist and he's begging for water as we go to replays. Tensai and Sakomoto do their ritual in the ring as Cena washes his face off and RAW goes off the air.

What are your thoughts on tonight's show? Sound off below.

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