WWE NXT Recap: Reks & Hawkins Gone, Striker Back, Maxine & Curtis Handcuffed Together

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Reks and Hawkins are backstage complaining and worried about the camera footage showing them as Striker's kidnappers. Maxine and Curtis show up, hand-cuffed and screaming. Craziness ensues. Percy Watson, Derrick Bateman, and Kaitlyn all walk by and put in their 2 cents, making fun of them.


Reks & Hawkins come to the ring. They say the Striker footage was doctored by Regal. Striker walks out, holding Hawkins' cane, and says while he was blind-folded, it felt like he was being hit with a stick. He says everybody knows what they've done. Hawkins says "so what" and calls him a midget. Striker swings and Hawkins ducks; same for Reks. Regal yells at Striker to stop. Regal says he has had it with Reks & Hawkins. He says they must face each other right now, and the loser gets fired.

Reks grabs the mic and says "no way" as Hawkins clocks him in the mouth. Reks returns the favor and we have a match. Striker takes off his jacket, revealing a referee shirt.


Reks vs. Hawkins

Reks takes control as Hawkins rolls out to regroup. Reks chases him around the ring and they both reenter. Reks goes up top but Hawkins moves and Reks belly flops on the mat. Hawkins works the abdominal with kicks. The crowd is mute. Hawkins applies a rear chin lock and they begin to clap a little to rile up Reks, who gets up and trades blows. Hawkins suplexes him for a 2 count. Hawkins goes back to the rear chin lock. Reks works his way up again but Hawkins drop toe-holds him and gloats on the outside.

Reks springboards into a crossbody on the outside. Reks, getting a second wind in the ring, hits a couple of high-impact clotheslines and a big boot to Hawkins. Reks gets a 2 as he sells his ribs. Hawkins scouts him in the corner and hits a boot and a running clothesline for a near fall. Both men counter each other's slam attempts with Reks getting the upper hand, rolling Hawkins up for the pin.

Winner by pin: Tyler Reks

Reks rolls to the outside and celebrates as Hawkins protests to Striker in the ring. Striker has enough and clocks him in the face and yells, "You're fired!" Regal also says he's fired and shakes Reks' hand. Reks says he's not bad after all. Regal says he's changed his mind and Reks is fired too.

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