Welcome to the April 19, 2012 edition of the WWE Superstars Recap.

Yoshi Tatsu vs. Jinder Mahal

Mahal verbally berates Yoshi while grabbing his hair but Yoshi is patient and catches him with a flying punch. Mahal rolls out to regroup and Yoshi flies over the top with a crossbody. Mahal recovers and chokes him out with the ring apron. Back in the ring, Mahal continues his dominance. Yoshi gets in some chops but is quickly stopped with a kick to the body.

Mahal tries a suplex but Yoshi shifts his weight and falls on top for a 2 count. Yoshi makes another pin attempt with a crucifix but again only gets a 2 count. Yoshi hits some offense and signals for a big roundhouse, but Mahal scouts him and knees him in the back of the head. As Yoshi lies flat, Mahal applies the Camel Clutch and the ref quickly calls for the bell as Yoshi taps.

Winner by submission: Jinder Mahal

Kelly Kelly vs. Eve

Eve slaps Kelly around in the corner and as the ref separates them, Kelly charges with a Thesz Press. Eve quickly regains offense but Kelly catches her in the corner and does the handstand-in-the-ropes move, then hits a running slide under the ropes to Eve, on the outside. Kelly hits a crossbody from the top and gets a 2 count. Eve applies a rear choke then whips Kelly into corner and continues choking, lifting Kelly off her feet.

Kelly gets free and hits a hurricanrana for a near fall. Eve recovers and goes back to the rest spot. Kelly gets her knees up as Eve attempts a cartwheel on her and plants Eve face-first on the mat. Kelly hits a clothesline and then we get the Kelly Go Round followed by a butt bump in the corner and the Stinkface. Eve takes her down and pins her, putting her own feet on the ropes for leverage.

Winner by pin: Eve

R-Truth vs. Jack Swagger

Swagger gets an early take-down and then runs around the ring, gloating. They trade some armbars with Swagger finally getting the upper hand and doing push-ups on Truth's back. He gloats a little too much as he turns around and is taken down by Truth who unloads with punches. Truth hits an armdrag into an armbar as Swagger works his way up. Swagger get the advantage and drops a big leg on Truth; he applies his own armbar. Truth gets up, with the crowd behind him, and falls to the outside as Swagger pulls the top rope down.


Back in the ring, both men trade offense. Swagger goes back to the armbar. Swagger tries another leg drop but this time, Truth moves. Truth rolls him up for a 2. We get dueling "Let's go Swagger" and "Swagger sucks" chants from the London crowd. Truth hits a massive DDT from the top turnbuckle; Swagger kicks out at 2. Truth unloads with clotheslines and a flying punch. Truth applies a body scissors into a pin for another near fall.

Swagger takes out Truth's knee and slams him for a 2. Truth goes for the Complete Shot but is stopped by Swagger and thrown in the corner. Swagger tries a move off the ropes but Truth gets his feet up. Truth hits his Complete Shot and gets the pin.

Winner by pin: R-Truth

Truth celebrates with "Little Jimmy" in the ring.

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