TNA Impact Results: Hogan's Announcement, RVD Vs. Hardy Vs. Anderson (#1 Contender), AJ Vs. Angle

TNA Impact Results: Hogan's Announcement, RVD Vs. Hardy Vs. Anderson (#1 Contender), AJ Vs. Angle
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We start with a video recap of the main event from Lockdown.

Roode's music hits and he comes out with a haircut and to a sea of "You suck" chants and "Boos." He puts himself over as the champ. The crowd tells him to "shut the hell up." He has a bandage in the center of his forehead. Roode says he doesn't suck because he's defeated all the "heroes" and there are none left.

Out comes Mr. Anderson to the ring. Anderson says he's going to beat him up and take his title. Roode tells him to get in line.

Jeff Hardy makes his way down to the ring. He has Picasso style paint on, along with a matching shirt. He says the only reason Roode is champ is because of Angle. Anderson says he was out here first. They argue as Roode eggs them on. Referees come out to restore order.

Hogan appears on the screen and says that he wants all the champions out in the ring tonight. He also makes a match between Hardy and Anderson to determine the number 1 contender at Sacrifice.


Crimson & Bully Ray vs. Matt Morgan & Austin Aries

Crimson starts off with Morgan as Aries chases Bully on the outside. Morgan hits a wind-up slam and then attempts a Brogue Kick but Crimson ducks and Morgan straddles the rope. Bully drives Morgan's leg across the rope as he jumps off the apron giving Crimson an advantage. Morgan goes for a Tornado Punch but Crimson ducks and hits a suplex.

Bully tags in and hits some punches and then works the hurt leg of Morgan before tagging Crimson back in. Crimson continues to work the right leg of Morgan who finally grabs the bottom rope, forcing Crimson to break the half figure-four. Bully comes back in and resumes control as he berates Aries on the apron. Morgan hits a discus clothesline on Crimson and makes the hot tag to Aries who unloads on Bully and Crimson.

Aries ducks a spear from Crimson who hits Bully with it instead. Aries flies through the ropes with a suicide dive to Crimson on the outside, driving his back into the guardrail. Aries hits a running dropkick on Bully in the corner and signals for a brain buster but Bully rolls him up and grabs the tights for the pin.

Winners by pin: Crimson & Bully Ray

Garett Bischoff walks toward the arena from backstage.


Garett comes out with members from his team, sans Aries, as we see stills from the Lethal Lockdown match from Sunday. Garett puts his team over and thanks them. AJ tells him he has some b*lls.

Flair's music hits and he talks from the stage. The crowd gives him a sea of "Whooos" but he tells them to shut up when he's talking. They bleep him when he says "Bischoff." He says Garett is a punk and even though he respects the rest of them, they are punks too for siding with him. Flair says that next week he is going to have a tribute and party for Eric.

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