TNA Impact Results: Hogan's Announcement, RVD Vs. Hardy Vs. Anderson (#1 Contender), AJ Vs. Angle

Mr. Anderson is backstage talking about Fight Night. He loves it.


ODB and Eric Young are poolside at their honeymoon. EY confronts someone and tells him to stop looking at his girl and strips to his underwear.

Storm arrives backstage.

TNA TV Championship Match: Devon vs. Gunner

Gunner takes the early advantage. Devon fights back with punches but Gunner regains the offense. Gunner makes several pin attempts. The crowd chants for Devon who then hits a shoulder block off the ropes. He hits a series of right hands, a clothesline, and another shoulder block on Gunner. Devon hits a Thesz Press a flying head-butt. Gunner continues to bump around for Devon. Devon ducks a clothesline and hits a spine-buster for the pin.

Winner by pin and STILL TNA TV Champion: Devon

James Storm's music hits and he comes to the ring. Devon hugs him on his way up the ramp.


Storm says he's sorry for letting everybody down. He says he has had doubts about if he's good enough. He says it hurt to have to tell his daughter that he didn't bring the belt home. He says Roode didn't beat him, he beat himself. He gets emotional talking about his dad being proud of him. He says maybe his luck has run out as Roode suggested. He drops the mic and walks to the back as the fans chant "Cowboy."


#1 Contender's Match: RVD vs. Mr. Anderson vs. Jeff Hardy

All three men face-off at the same time. RVD hits some high octane offense but is shut down by Hardy. Anderson is laid out on the mat as Hardy goes to work on RVD. Hardy face-plants RVD and goes for a cover but Anderson quickly breaks the pin, apparently playing possum. Anderson throws Hardy into the turnbuckle and goes to work on RVD. He hits a DDT and Hardy breaks the cover. Hardy flips off the top and hits Anderson in the head with a boot.

Anderson recovers with a swinging neckbreaker on Hardy. RVD kicks Anderson and does the Rolling Thunder on Hardy. Anderson hits RVD with a fireman's carry into running slam and Hardy hits a Twist of Fate on Anderson. Hardy hits a Swanton on Anderson and RVD catches him with a spinning kick. Van Dam goes up top and hits the 5 Star Frog-Splash on Anderson, Hardy attempts a Twist of Fate but RVD counters with a backslide into a pin.

Winner by pin and #1 Contender: RVD

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