WWE Smackdown Recap: Big Six-Man Tag, Extreme Rules Hype, AJ Loses It

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The Uso's vs. Titus O'Neil & Darren Young

Jimmy and Jey take control of Young with quick tags. Young gets the upper hand and he and Titus trade tags on Jey. Jey is able to break free and make a hot tag to Jimmy who comes in and drops Young with multiple clotheslines. Jimmy hits a fall-away slam and the running StinkFace. Jimmy makes the cover but it is broken up by Titus. This brings in Jey. Titus pulls the top rope down and Jey falls to the outside. Titus tags himself in as Young is Irish whipped and they hit a double team as Titus gets the cover.

Winners by pin: O'Neil & Young

RAW Rebound: Punk/Jericho

Alberto Del Rio comes to the ring, announced by Ricardo Rodriguez. Big Show is introduced.

Big Show vs. Alberto Del Rio

Del Rio is hesitant getting in the ring. Del Rio attempts some offense but Big Show overpowers him. Show hits some chops to the chest, bodyslams him, and drops a big elbow. Del Rio kicks out at 2. Del Rio ducks a punch and takes out Show's knee. Del Rio works the knee then tries to soften up Show's left arm for the cross arm-breaker. Show powers out and goes for a chokeslam but Del Rio gets out and hits another chop block.

Del Rio keeps working the arm and goes for the arm-breaker but show lifts him up with one arm and hits a fall-away slam. Show hits some clotheslines and a spear and signals for the chokeslam. The ref is distracted by Rodriguez on the apron as Cody Rhodes comes into the ring and hits a Disaster Kick to show as the ref gets back into position just in time to count the fall.

Winner by pin: Del Rio

Rhodes attacks Show and kicks him out of the ring. Show simply motions that he is going to get back in the ring, and Rhodes flees like a scolded dog through the London crowd. Show looks frustrated but intensely focused as he walks up the ramp.


Heath Slater and Drew McIntire are watching a monitor backstage, making fun of a local worker in the ring. Drew says "I wonder who's gonna win this one?" Lilian Garcia introduces the man as Danny Lerman; he is pale and skinny. Lerman grabs the mic and says he's dedicating the match to his mom…Ryback's music hits. (poor Danny Lerman).

Ryback vs. Danny Lerman

Booker T says not to count this kid out just yet, and Cole calls him a moron. Lerman approaches Ryback and kicks him. He goes to do it again but Ryback catches him leg and shoves him hard to the mat; Lerman's head bounces off the canvas. Ryback slams the kid's head on the mat a couple of times and picks him up and tosses him over his head like a sack of potatoes. McIntire and Slater are still watching on the monitor backstage. Lerman gets up and Ryback hits a vicious clothesline then picks him up and drops him with a delayed small-package suplex.

Winner by pin: Ryback

-Lesnar sit-down promo from Monday

Backstage, now Teddy is in full Beefeater garb at the entrance of Laurinaitis' office. William Regal shows up and tries to make him flinch and walks off. Aksana shows up with a man named Antonio. She has her hands all over him as she introduces him to Teddy and says that he is a Rugby player who wants to be a wrestler. Teddy stares straight into oblivion. Antonio says he thought her boyfriend had an important job. Aksana says he did but now it's John Laurinaitis who's in charge. She knock's on his door; Laurinaitis opens the door, a little aggravated, until he sees Aksana. Laurinaitis invites them into his office to talk business and asks Teddy how he liked meeting Aksana's old friend; Teddy doesn't move.

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