WWE Smackdown Recap: Big Six-Man Tag, Extreme Rules Hype, AJ Loses It

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Daniel Bryan & Cody Rhodes & Mark Henry vs. Sheamus & Randy Orton & The Great Khali

Rhodes takes out Khali's knee as he tries to enter the ring. Sheamus and Orton come out to run Rhodes off and check on Khali. The trainers come out to Khali's aid. They help him up as Rhodes gloats in the ring; Orton and Sheamus glare at him from ringside. Khali is helped up the ramp. Orton and Sheamus argue with the ref and then the Big Show's music hits.


Orton and Rhodes start things off, with Orton dominating. Rhodes tags Bryan which causes Orton to bring in Sheamus. Bryan wants no parts of him and ducks to the outside after tagging Rhodes. Sheamus stomps Rhodes in the corner and then delivers an amazing luchador type slam. Sheamus tries to clothesline Bryan off the apron but Bryan ducks, giving Rhodes an opportunity to dropkick Sheamus out of the ring. Rhodes hits a baseball slide under the bottom rope and then distracts the ref as Bryan hits Sheamus with a running front drop-kick.

Rhodes tags Bryan who brings Sheamus back in the ring. Bryan stomps Sheamus repeatedly on the canvas. Henry tags in and stands on Sheamus then continues the onslaught before quickly tagging Rhodes. The stomps continue. Sheamus avoids a Disaster Kick with a flying double axe-handle and makes his way to his corner and makes the hot tag to Orton. Orton hits a powerslam, then the DDT in the ropes. Bryan comes in and gets slammed too. Henry comes in and shoulder blocks Orton down to the mat. Rhodes makes a cover and nearly gets a 3.


Orton continues to take punishment. Bryan hits a running drop kick in the corner for a 2. Bryan goes up top for a splash attempt but Orton moves as Bryan falls hard on the canvas. Orton and Bryan tag in Show and Henry, respectively. Show is derailed by Rhodes who knees him in the back from the apron giving Henry an opportunity to capitalize. Rhodes tags back in, followed by Bryan, and Henry again. The quick tags continue. Rhodes applies a figure-four on Show as Henry tags in and drops a big splash for a 2. Bryan tags in and hits a DDT and covers Show who powers out, throwing Bryan out of the ring in the process.

Show makes the hot tag to Sheamus who unloads on Bryan; Rhodes breaks the fall and goes to the outside to gloat only to be hit in the face by Show's WMD. Bryan goes for the Yes Lock but Sheamus out-powers him and goes for the Brogue Kick but Bryan ducks and tags Henry. Sheamus hits his Kick on Henry and tags Orton; Show hits the WMD on Henry from the outside who turns around into the RKO. Orton gets the pin.

Winners by pin: Show & Orton & Sheamus

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