Thanks to readers Tom Feaheny (@ThomasFeaheny) for sending in these results from the WWE live event from Sheffield, England earlier this week:

The arena was pretty full, just the top section had a third taped off. The merchandise table was absolute mayhem with plenty of people buying the £15 program, which was bit of a rip off in my opinion. Before the show started they showed a preview for the WWE Network and, for some strange reason, a promo for Rock vs. John Cena at this year's Wrestlemania.

Show started with Lillian Garcia singing "God Save the Queen."

The first match was The Great Khali vs. Jinder Mahal. Seeing Khali in person I realized how hard he finds it to walk, let alone wrestle. The match was actually pretty event with Mahal hitting Khali's leg on numerous occasions until Khali hit the Punjabi plunge for the win.

Then Daniel Bryan cut a promo backstage, but it was quite hard to hear what he said due to an enormous "Yes!" chant.

The Usos and Percy Watson defeated Drew McIntyre, Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins. This was actually a really enjoyable match and all the wrestlers (superstars) got some time in the ring. The Usos hit some nice double team moves while McIntyre was cheered constantly, being from the UK. Jey Uso hit a big splash on Hawkins for the win.

Mason Ryan vs. Alberto Del Rio lasted about a minute. Del Rio made Ryan tap with the arm bar submission move. The biggest reaction in the whole match was for Ryan, as it was announced he was from the UK, but Ricardo Rodriguez wasn't too far behind. This really was a squash match.

Next up was a divas match and it was announced that Aksana was the special ref. The entrance for Natalya was messed up as Alicia Fox's titantron video played instead of hers. Then Big Show's video played, then Booker T's and then the Great Khali's before hers finally played. This was an OK match as both hit some nice moves. The finish saw Natalya push Aksana and Aksana pushed her back, allowing Fox to roll her up and get the pin.

Brodus Clay & Booker T (w/ Hornswoggle) defeated Christian & Mark Henry. Mark Henry and Christian were both cheered despite being heels. Brodus Clay's music hit and the crowd went wild until Brodus said "wait a minute, Newcastle" which drew a lot of boos and a "We're in Sheffield" chant. Hornswoggle and the dancers went to the ring, and Booker T really played to the crowd during his entrance. It was a really slow build up to the match. Booker T was isolated and made the hot tag to Brodus, who hit the splash on Christian for the win. Afterwards Hornswoggle, Brodus and Booker T all performed a spinarooni.

It was announced that there would be a 20 minute intermission.

After intermission the Intercontinental tittle was on the line with The Big Show vs. Cody Rhodes. Show really interacted with the crowd throughout the whole match and cut a promo before the match. Rhodes actually looked like he might win this one. Rhodes focused Show's knee and then hit the beautiful disaster kick twice, but Show powered out at two then hit the choke slam to retain the title.

Randy Orton vs. Kane in a no DQ match was fought outside the ring for a bit then went back into the ring really was back and forth until Kane brought a kendo stick and chair into the ring. Kane eventually hit a chokeslam, but Orton kicked out at the last second. Kane then tried to chokeslam Orton on a chair, but Orton countered and hit the RKO on the chair for the win.

Sheamus VS Daniel Bryan for the World Heavyweight Championship was up next. Both wrestlers got a great reaction. Bryan announced that if Sheamus touched the referee, he would be fired. About a minute into the match the ref broke up Sheamus hitting Bryan in the corner, which prompted Bryan to demand that Sheamus be firedfor touching the ref. Bryan hit Sheamus with about ten kicks and then applied the Yes lock, which Sheamus got out of. Sheamus hit the Brogue kick after Bryan missed a diving head-butt for the win. Afterwards, Sheamus signed autographs and Lilian thanked the crowd to end the show.

It was a really good house show minus one or two errors along the way with nearly all the matches being won by the faces to send the crowd home happy.

Samuel Freely sent in these additional notes for the show:

Randy Orton got the biggest pop of the night, followed by Sheamus and the Big Show. Daniel Bryan got the most heat, followed by Jinder Mahal and Cody Rhodes.

The YES chant was massive, and was heard throughout most matches.

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