- You can meet IHWE Texas Hall of Famers Rodney Mack and Jazz this Sunday at Traders Village Marketplace in Grand Prairie, TX from 1-4 pm. For more information, please contact Arturo at 682-561-6966.

- "Team We Got This," led by Jermaine Johnson, struck the first blow to "Team Brandon Bishop" last week when Johnson and his crew where able to defeat Bishop's stable in an 8-man tag team throwdown. This won't sit well for the mastermind Bishop or the IZW Heavyweight Champion, Aaron "The Bronze Bull" Neil. What do Bishop and company have in store for Johnson and Team We Got This on Saturday? Will the announcement of Johnny Z's return at "Coronation" on May 12 keep Bishop's stable in check or will it make them that much more desperate to overthrow the IZW infrastructure? Find out by watching IZW live tonight on GFL.tv.

- Add Shane Helms to the list of wrestlers who strongly endorse "Diamond" Dallas Page's DDP Yoga program. Helms wrote on his Twitter, "I'm not saying this to help a friend, I'm saying it cuz its true! It could help you too! Try @DDPYoga You WON'T be disappointed. It's REAL!!"

- Speaking of Page, Part 2 of Arda Ocal's interview with DDP has been released. During the interview, DDP revealed how he would have debuted himself in the WWE.

"I would have showed up and blacked out the entire arena," said DDP. "Everybody thought it was Chris Jericho, but then he gives a 5, 10, 20, 30 seconds, and then all of a sudden JR would say 'hang on, we got some technical difficulty.' And then, for the first time ever, you would hear my voice say 'Who's the real peoples champion?' Then the spotlight hits me and I go 'You're looking at him,' throw it up (diamond cutter sign), explosions, and [then] go to the ring!"

You can check out the interview below:

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