Thanks to reader Samuel Feeley for sending in this report from last night's WWE RAW live event in Paris, France:

The arena was pretty full with a good ambiance but too much cheering for the faces. The hardcore fans woke up at the middle of the show (after a few beers during the intermission) and were cheering for the Miz and Chris Jericho.

As usual for the house show, the wrestlers took it easy and some of them seemed tired.

Here are the results:

1. R-Truth and Kofi Kingston defeated Epico and Primo (with Rosa Mendes). John Laurinaitis cuts a promo on screen and made it a non-title match.

2. David Otunga defeated Alex Riley. Riley was surprisingly well cheered. Otunga spent time posing before the match ala Chris Master (a lot of heat from the crowd). Otunga dominated the match.

3. Dolph Ziggler defeated Zack Ryder. A good match. A big pop for ryder and heat for ziggler. Ziggler was asking the crowd if they wanted his t-shirt. The crowd was excited. He screwed them.

4. Lord Tensai defeated Tyson Kidd. It was not a squash match but the reaction was no different as on tv. Tensai did not a lot of reaction except Albert chants from the hardcore fans. Tyson Kidd was booed when he showed up which was confusing. He then got cheered when the crowd found out his opponent.

5. Santino Marella defeated Jack Swagger. Jack Swagger wins with the help of ziggler but a second referee shows up and restart the match. Marella wins (big pop).

6. Bella Twins defeated Beth Phoenix and Eve Torres. Good match (better than a 1 minute match on TV)

7. John Cena defeated The Miz. The Miz comes heat and gets a lot of heat at first sight. He then cuts a promo in french saying how he hates France, french wine, french cheese.... Then he says he has to speak English very slowly to be sure we understand him. Cena comes in and gets a huge pop! But then during the match, a lot of "Cena sucks" chants.

The Miz dominated the match, but Cena woke up and performed his 5 moves and won.

8. CM Punk defeated Chris Jericho. I was disappointed by the crowd as Jericho did not get much reaction during his entrance. CM punk got a huge pop.

It was the best match of the night. A non-disqualification match with kendo stick, chairs, a beer for Punk... I liked that both Punk and Jericho took the mic during the match to insult each other.

* A lot of green Cena T-shirts on adults and kids.
* Some "Yes" chants during the match!
* Jericho got heat but was cheered several times especially after nice moves (the hardcore fans were there)
* A lot of programs and Cena's merchandise sold
* Cena seemed tired and was slow. The Miz carried the match.

Biggest Pops

1. John Cena
2. CM Punk
3. Santino Marella

Biggest Heat

1. The Miz
2. Dolph Ziggler
3. Chris Jericho

Samuel Feeley contributed to this article. Follow Raj Giri on Twitter at @RajGiri_303. Got a news tip or correction? Send it to us by clicking here.