Diamond Dallas Page Talks DDP Yoga, Randy Orton Using The Cutter, WrestleMania & More

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On how he feels about Randy Orton using the Diamond Cutter: " Love it. He doesn't remember it, because he was having his shoulder worked on at the time. But as soon as I knew I was going to retire, I called him. I really wanted him to use it.

"It's funny, because later on, I would read stuff that was contradictory to what I was saying. So, I went and saw him at the SummerSlam before last. I said, 'Randy, do you not remember me calling you?' And he goes, 'No, Diamond. That's when I had that shoulder surgery. I really don't. I said, 'Well, I'm glad that you're using it. I love that you're using it. You've made it your own.'

"I think Randy's awesome. He's -- to me -- one of my top guys. I think that he's an awesome guys for the business. Works really hard, got a great interview. Back in the day, when I was doing my DDP Yoga, he'd come up and go, 'Diamond, my hips tight right here. Will this help me?' I'd go, 'Man, they're going to laugh at you.'

"Back then, they would laugh at you. Today, 20 guys are doing it. It's like, who's going to be the innovator? Who's going to walk a different path? I always take the path less traveled."

To check out the entire video, click here.

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