Scott Steiner was back to hammering away at Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff on his Twitter over the weekend, here is what he wrote:

"Only someone as arrogant n ignorant as hogan 'who has no athletic background' would criticize an olympic champion And say he has 2 left feet

"Another horrible rating for thursdays tv show,and of course they blame it on technical difficulties Instead of the brutal booking of pritchard hogan n b---hoff, After 2 1/2 yrs of bad ratings not sure what its going to take to see the obvious, They cant keep ignoring the fans of Tna,you fans are the backbone of wrestling,so the ppl who were fans of Tna b4 Hogan n b---hoff got there n dont want them to destroy Tna like they did WCW keep the momentum going... When u see a hogan or b---hoff segment turn the channel wait 5 mins and turn it back you wont miss a thing.

"Keep tweeting dixie she loves her fans have a voice save Tna... Been getting alot of support bcuz alot of fans recognize that im telling the truth and realize what im trying to do... But some still dont get it so i will respond to those;someone said write a book..maybe one day i will but right now i'd rather save Tna. Some ppl think im bn negative,no im telling whats happening in Tna and its the truth and its negative,if i was lying You would think ONE person would say not trashing Tna im trashing hogan n b---hoff who are trashing Tna... I've bn tweeting for 21/2 wks but the guys have bn putting up with this negative bulls--t for 2 1/2 yrs get real b---h

"Garrett is about to understand negative when he finds out what the # 609 represents..when a b---hoff is in the ring chant 609

"Reading pro wrestling webpage and hogan is like a pull string doll,pull his string and if hes sayin 'What ya gonna do' or 'say yur prayers take yur vitamins' he sounds ok... But if hes not sayin his lines he sounds like a f--king idiot...Open fight night....REALLY..all that is-indy wrestlers who nobody will know Or care about having a tryout match taking away valuable air time from the guys who are already there Try using that air time for a storyline or character development...3 judges ...Really...their isnt one person that believes The 3 judges decide who gets a still u 3 assholes pritchard b---hoff n U..yur problem is U think Yur "smarter than everybody but ppl see thru yur bulls--t and yur insulting the fans intelligence."

Steiner then responded to Hulk Hogan's tweet about wanting to change TNA and how going live would solve 75% of TNA's problems.

"Wtf yur planning the nxt wrestling boom....really..hogan yur a con man,a used car salesman and its hard to believe that ppl in Tna & Spike Tv actually believe yur bulls--t..yur just stringing them along so U continue to Collect a paycheck..if u had any great ideas u would have used them already... f--k-you been in Tna for 2 1/2 yrs u waiting Einstein...the more u talk the stupider u sound... Check with b---hoff for ideas;maybe he still has David Arquette's # on speed dial

"U listen to PEOPLE....Really....well the neilson ratings system is telling U that PEOPLE Arent watching you so listen to the PEOPLE,they dont want U and b---hoff to do what u did to WCW... Catching U sprewing yur bulls--t and lies is too easy.

"if U listen to ppl like u claim where is Jeff Jarrett the founder of Tna & the guy who ran Ring ka King,he has his critics,everybody does. Hes not perfect nobody is;but the facts are Tna's ratings were better than U 3 assholes... Lets examine what U did with him;U tried to bury him thru character assasination& when U 3... Couldnt make him quit U 3 got him sent home;instead of trying to impress us on how U are going to create the nxt wrestling boom LOL;,explain yur behind closed door polictics & tactics And what u said to convince Dixie to send her own business partner in Tna home... I think ppl would find that much more interesting Too see what a piece of s--t u really are,and the longer U 3 are in charge the more collateral damage... There is going to be;there isnt one person u have built up;U 3 have torn everybodys character down

"Open fight night makes Tna look so 'Bush League' so an indy wrestler who nobody knows Or cares about can demand a title;way to de-value the world title... So world title holders have to stand backstage like jabron's and an indy wrestler can call them out... Way to break down the pecking order,dumbass"

To be continued...

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