Scotty Riggs Talks About His Start In The Business, Winning The WCW Tag Titles, Tag Wrestling & More

Scotty Riggs Talks About His Start In The Business, Winning The WCW Tag Titles, Tag Wrestling & More recently caught up with former WCW Superstar Scotty "Riggs" Antol. We spoke about a large range of topics, including his start in the business, being hired by WCW, his ups and downs in WCW, leaving WCW for ECW and much more. You can check out part one below, and make sure to check back tomorrow for part two where Riggs talks extensively about his time in WCW, his dealings with Eric Bischoff and much more.

The interview was conducted before Riggs underwent gallbladder surgery last week. You can follow Riggs on Twitter at @REALScottyRiggs and send him your well wishes as he recovers from the procedure. We here at would like to wish Riggs the best as he recovers.

WrestlingINC: You were in the indie scene for about three years before being signed by WCW.

Riggs: Actually, my first match was February 6th of 1992. In about a year or a year and a half, I started going to some TV stuff with WCW thanks to Diamond Dallas Page. I moved to Marietta, Georgia, from Carrollton, Georgia. That's where I went to college. I met DDP and Brad Armstrong and a couple of the other guys like Steve Regal working out at Sting and (Lex) Luger's Main Event Fitness.

We had a friend in the back of a friend and mine's karate school. Instead of going all the way down to Jonesboro from Marietta -- which is like a 45 minute drive -- I told DDP about it. He was like, 'Hey, can we come and train there?' I was like, 'Yeah. Sure.' I was thinking that this is just a good way for me to train with these guys. I was already doing my thing. I was maybe wrestling every weekend with the independents at that time. [I] Really wasn't doing anything full-time.

Then, me and DDP put a match together to go down to the Power Plant in Jonesboro and showed it to Jody Hamilton, who was their head trainer at the time. We put the match on and Jody walks up to me and says, 'Where have you been wrestling?' Page actually shut me up and said, 'Jody, this kid's been working a year and a half.' Jody was like, 'You're kidding me. Well, I can't promise you anything but what I can do is; put you on TV, get you some matches and get you in with some good guys.'

My first couple of matches were against Steve Regal. I had an eight minute match with him and Steve had already showed me some stuff at the little karate school. So, Steve gave me a lot and made me look really, really good. This was probably mid-'93. From about mid-'93 to around January of '95, I was actually doing some TVs with WCW where they'd put me here or there. I had an eight minute match with Steve Austin when he was "Stunning" Steve (Williams) after him and Brian Pillman had just split with the Hollywood Blondes.

We had an eight minute match that Dusty Rhodes was actually trying to put Sam Houston in. Sam Houston no-showed the TV so Jody put me in. Steve Austin made me look like I was a ten year veteran in the match. I had only been in the business [for less than] two years. At that time, I was pretty much doing house shows. I was in that deal where you get paid X amount of dollars to wrestle a show. I was at TVs, but I would never really wrestle a match unless it was for somebody being put over in a long match. I wasn't there to get wins on TV yet. I was paying my dues, but I was doing dark matches on TV where I would get wins.

We'd always do our Saturday night's at Center Stage and I would always be a dark match with someone like Rick Rogers, someone who was calling matches, teaching me how to do stuff. They'd put me over in a quick way, but get the win for the young kid that nobody knows yet.

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