Scotty Riggs Talks About His Start In The Business, Winning The WCW Tag Titles, Tag Wrestling & More

He said, 'Man, I'm finally getting heat.' This was something that he was finally getting credit for, with being his own person. So, it kind of did both of us wonders in terms of giving us our own identities.

WrestlingINC: Nowadays, you see guys just thrown together and they don't mesh. You guys definitely meshed and you looked like a tag team.

Riggs: The thing is: tag team wrestling is an art form, whether people know it or not. Vince and WWE basically said, 'Well, we don't need tag teams anymore. We'll just put guys together and make them a tag team. We've got Evan Bourne and Kofi Kingston -- two great individual guys -- and put them together as a tag team.' Where'd that come from? They look like A and Z put together. Now, you got R-Truth and Kofi Kingston together and they look a little more alike, but they're still completely different personas.

A Jamaican guy and a street thug; are they going to hang out in real life? No. Are Animal and Hawk going to hang out in real life? Yes. Are Knobs and Sags going to hang out in real life? Yes. Harlem Heat? Two brothers. Steiners? Two brothers. Yes. Arn and Ollie were apart of the Four Horsemen. Are they going to be together? Yes. ... But, you knew all these guys, in a sense, were going to be put together and we're going to be great.

WrestlingINC: Now, it's basically just having two guys with nothing to do and giving them something to do. Basically, treading water until they come up with something else. But, did you know when you won the title that it was going to be a short reign?

Riggs: No, we didn't at the time. The strange thing about it was that we were the only good guy tag team there was. You had Harlem Heat, The Nasty Boys -- which could have been a baby face team, but they didn't want them to be good guys. The thing was: we were still young as a tag team so what they ended up doing was taking them off of us on a Saturday night. In actual days, [our reign] was only nine days. In months, it was around three months because they did everything so far in advance.

But, we were the champions for a few months. What they told us was, 'We're going to take the title off you now, but look for us to put them back on you again to spark some things. Make that umph again.' But that's when the Steiners and The Road Warriors came in. Sting and Luger had become a tag team. All of a sudden, the tag team division became very strong and very deep. They just said, 'Well, we need to stick with these upper guys and let you keep building as a tag team. Keep you credible, but not really give you that major push.'

We just got lost in the shuffle after they signed all those bigger guys. Just more established teams. We got lost in the shuffle because they were looking for higher ratings on Nitro. We were involved in the Monday Night Wars at the time.

WrestlingINC: You guys basically teamed up for about a year. Right?

Riggs: We were together from August of '95 to right before '97. So, about a year and a half.

Make sure to check back tomorrow for part two of our interview with Riggs, where he talks extensively about his time in WCW, his dealings with Eric Bischoff and much more.

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