Welcome to the April 25, 2012 edition of the WWE NXT Recap.

Matt Striker is in the ring and he welcomes us to the show. He sells the Josh Matthews injury angle and says he is not there. Striker then announces the good news of Reks and Hawkins being fired from NXT and congratulates Darren Young and Titus O'Neil for graduating to Smackdown. He says that over the next couple of weeks we may see new talent and Regal is away trying to find those talents. Striker welcomes back Regal's specially appointed match coordinator for the evening, Hornswoggle.

Hornswoggle skips his way to the ring in the red jumpsuit from Monday and says guess who can finally talk. He says no more challenges, no more redemption, and no more Titus O'Neil. Striker says the show is his and leaves the ring. Hornswoggle makes a match pitting Percy Watson & Tyson Kidd vs. Johnny Curtis & Michael McGillicutty. He then calls out his "boy" Derrick Bateman.

Bateman says he beat both O'Neil & Young but didn't get promoted. JTG runs down the ramp and attacks him from behind. JTG says the show is "wack" since he is no longer featured. He gets in the ring and demands a match from Hornswoggle. Bateman enters the ring and throws JTG out and Hornswoggle says they have a match and it is right now.


JTG vs. Derrick Bateman

Hornswoggle joins commentary. Bateman charges at JTG and dropkicks him as soon as the bell rings. JTG is wearing his usual ring attire. Bateman lands some punches and executes a nice suplex for a 2. Batemans hits a running clothesline then another one that sends JTG to the outside. JTG avoids a dropkick off the apron and takes control. Back in the ring, JTG covers for a 2 and mounts Bateman with punches and then stomps and a bodyslam for another 2. He applies a rear chin-lock.

Bateman fights out but is knocked back down. Striker corrects Hornswoggle's grammar and makes fun of his outfit as they speak on JTG's attire. Bateman hits a big boot and a running clothesline and then a flying crossbody but JTG rolls on top and takes control. JTG pulls him up by his hair as he slaps him. Bateman hits a front DDT and gets the pin.

Winner by pin: Derrick Bateman

Hornswoggle praises Bateman and leaves the announce booth.

Maxine and Johnny Curtis arrive backstage and a ref approaches them and tries to handcuff them, saying Regal's absence doesn't change anything (at least they didn't have us believe they've been cuffed all week). Maxine tries to seduce the ref to get out of it. Curtis chimes in and ruins Maxine's plan and they get cuffed. Maxine and Curtis argue as Hornswoggle tells Maxine she is in action against Kaitlyn and Tamina. He forgets to say who Maxine's partner is and says since he can talk now there are many names that he can call Maxine but it's a PG show. Maxine kicks off her shoes and tried to attack him. Curtis and Maxine leave.


Percy Watson, Tyson Kidd, Kaitlyn, and Natalya are backstage. Kidd gets off his cellphone as Watson says he's looking forward to their tag match. Kidd says he may be cursed as far as tag team partners go. He mentions Trent and Gabriel. Watson says he is in the same boat, referring to A-Ry. Kaitlyn asks Kidd what the name of his new submission move. Kidd says he might let the fans on Twitter name it.

Natalya tells her to stop flirting. She tells Kaitlyn nobody likes Maxine but she was right about Kaitlyn and calls Kaitlyn a snake and says she doesn't trust her. Natalya leaves and Kidd tells Kaitlyn not to worry. Kaitlyn asks why every girl on the show is crazy. Watson and Kidd laugh about the never ending "Diva drama" on the show.


Backstage, the ref un-cuffs Maxine for her match. Natalya tells Maxine she can't stand her. She says she wants to knock Kaitlyn down a few pegs and asks Maxine if she is in. Maxine agrees. The ref tells Curtis he must join them at ringside.

Tamina & Kaitlyn vs. Natalya & Maxine

Johnny Curtis joins commentary. Kaitlyn and Tamina hit simultaneous dropkicks to Maxine and Natalya, sending them out of the ring. Natalya takes control of Kaitlyn. Natalya puts her in an abdominal stretch. Kaitlyn fights out and wiggles out of a bodyslam attempt and hits a crossbody and gets a 2. Natalya recovers and tags Maxine who jumps off the second turnbuckle and clings to Kaitlyn as she applies a front face lock. Kaitlyn stumbles toward the ropes and Natalya tags herself in as Maxine screams that she was about to tap out.

Natalya stops Kaitlyn from reaching her corner by driving her head into the mat several times and delivers a sit-down bodyslam. Kaitlyn kicks out and immediately applies a body scissors. Striker asks Curtis how he and Maxine go to the bathroom. Curtis says it's a PG show. Kaitlyn turns the scissors into a pin but Natalya kicks out and both women tag their respective partners.

Tamina unloads on Maxine. She goes up top and delivers a big splash for the pin.

Winners by pin: Tamina & Kaitlyn

Striker grabs a mic and tells Maxine she must be with Curtis and invites her to sit next to him at ringside. Curtis enters the ring for his match. Striker tells Maxine not to grab a headset and just sit there.


Backstage, Watson is attacked by someone as Kidd runs to check on him. Watson says he thinks it was McGillicutty who clipped his knee. Kidd tells him to see a trainer and leaves for the ring.

Johnny Curtis & Michael McGillicutty vs. Tyson Kidd & ??

Hornswoggle comes out and says this match is now a singles match and tells McGillicutty to get out of the ring. Striker invites McGillicutty to join commentary. Kidd and Curtis go back and forth. Curtis escapes to the outside to regroup. Kidd hits a hurricanrana off the apron as Curtis goes flying to the ramp. Kidd slaps hands with the fans at ringside.


Curtis works over Kidd's left arm. Striker and McGillicutty discuss Lesnar and Cena. McGillicutty actually calls Cena, Superman, the way he comes out of the blue and says Brock has his number. Kidd mounts a small comeback but Curtis stops him and executes a beautiful superplex. Curtis makes a lackadaisical cover and gets a 2. Kidd goes up top, flies, and hits a neckbreaker for a 2 count. Kidd goes for a Sharpshooter but Curtis counters with a small package for another near fall.

Curtis goes up top and tries a flying legdrop but Kidd moves and applies his new submission as Curtis taps.

Winner by submission: Tyson Kidd

McGillicutty stands up at the booth and stares at Kidd. Kidd opens the ropes, inviting him in. Hornswoggle comes to the ring and raises, as high as he can, Kidd's arm in victory as McGillicutty looks on in disgust.

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