- As seen a few weeks back, WrestleMania 28 celebrity and rapper Flo Rida posted a video on YouTube to let WWE Superstar Heath Slater know that he was coming for him after the two had a physical altercation backstage in Miami during the big pay-per-view on April 1st.

WWE has a new video up where Heath Slater confronts what appears to be Flo Rida backstage, apparently at a recent WWE event. Slater kicks open the door of a room while Flo Rida is talking to someone on the phone. Slater shoves Flo Rida to the ground and stands over him, saying he's not a joke as the rapper holds his hands up for protection. You can see the video below:

- WWE has fired back at Linda McMahon political opponent Christopher Shays in a new letter on WWE.com. Shays recently spoke to The Weekly Standard and said WWE is about "violence, bullying, degradation of minorities and women." Here is part of WWE spokesman Robert Zimmerman's letter to Shays:

"With regard to our content being "violent," WWE programming, like Hollywood movies and Broadway shows, is an exciting blend of action, characters and fictional storylines of good versus evil that entertains millions every week, including approximately 300,000 fans here in Connecticut. Our performers are professionals who have spent many years training to perfect the athletic and choreographed maneuvers in our shows. Your assertion that our content is "violent" is in direct conflict with the standards and practices departments of our current TV network distributors who have rated our programming TV-PG.

With regard to "degradation of minorities and women," you should know that our shows are some of TV's highest-rated programming and are watched by the very audiences, minorities and women, you claim that we disregard and "degrade." In fact, Monday Night Raw is the most-watched entertainment program on primetime cable among Hispanic viewers and number four among African-Americans. Also nearly 40% of our audience is female. We would not have 13 million weekly TV viewers in the U.S. if they felt our programming was insulting or degrading.

Our company started with 13 employees and has grown to nearly 700 employees, which speaks to the quality and staying power of our product and our organization. WWE's programming may not be your personal choice of entertainment, but that does not give you the right to recklessly damage our corporate reputation. We would appreciate a public apology and an assurance that you will not continue to unfairly denigrate our company."

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