TNA Impact Results: Open Fight Night, Bischoff Gets 'Crappy' Farewell, Sound Off With Your Thoughts

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TNA Impact Results: Open Fight Night, Bischoff Gets 'Crappy' Farewell, Sound Off With Your Thoughts
Welcome to our Live TNA Impact Viewing Party. We will be providing live ongoing coverage of tonight's Impact, while you all can chime in with your thoughts throughout the show.

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We begin with a video of Hogan's announcement from last week regarding Open Fight Night.

Hogan is backstage with all the champions. He says even the champs are going to get called out tonight. He says he's trying to decide who will defend. He addresses all of them separately and has something nice to say about each of them. He chooses Joe & Magnus and tells them to shut up or put up. He says he'll let them know later who the opponents are. Hogan welcomes us to Open Fight Night.

The intro package runs and then Devon comes to the ring.

Devon says he's going to defend his title every week. He says his opponent is the one person everybody can't stand, Bubba. Yes, he calls him Bubba. Bully is backstage among Flair and the rest of the roster and he asks, "Did he just say my name?" Bully says to shut his music off as he walks down the ramp. He says Devon stupid. He had to be in a ring with Devon for 15 years and it made him sick. He says he made and carried Devon. He tells Devon to go to hell and walks back toward the back, but Devon attacks him from behind and knocks him back to ringside.

TNA TV Championship: Devon vs. Bully Ray

Devon continues to punch Bully at ringside and uses a fan's water bottle to hit him with. He throws Bully in the ring who begs off. Bully extends his hand and says he's sorry and they're brothers. Devon grabs his hand and clotheslines him. Devon hits a Thesz Press and continues to pound on him. Devon goes up top but is cut off.


Back in the ring, Bully has taken control and Devon is on his back; Bully's face is busted open. Bully hits a bodyslam and a splash for a 2. The crowd chants for Devon. Devon counters an Irish Whip with a spear. Devon gets up like the Warrior, shaking the ropes, and no-sells Bully's punches as they trade blows back and forth. Devon charges into the corner but is stopped with a big boot and a clothesline, Bully gets a very close near-fall. Bully goes for a Bully Bomb but Devon breaks out and Bully hits a Diamond Cutter (RKO). Devon kicks out. Bully charges from the corner but Devon catches him with a spinebuster for the pin.

Winner by pin and STILL TNA TV Champion: Devon

Austin Aries is backstage speaking on Bully pulling his tights to win last week. He says maybe he'll get his hands on Bully tonight and leave an impression.

Flair is asked about his Bischoff party. He says he's been partying for 63 years. He says he hasn't slept since he was 20. He puts Bischoff over as the greatest promoter in history and says he made Impact what it is today, "WHOOO!"


Daniels & Kazarian approach Kurt Angle in his locker room. They ask him how good it was to see AJ squirm last week. Angle says he doesn't need their help and if they ever get involved with him again they will regret it. He walks away as Daniels calls him an ungrateful #$%. Angle hears him and asks what he said; Daniels pretends to be on the phone and tells the supposed person to watch his mouth.

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