TNA Impact Results: Open Fight Night, Bischoff Gets 'Crappy' Farewell, Sound Off With Your Thoughts

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Hogan says they're right. He says Hardy and Anderson need to get along. Anderson says they can get along and kisses Hardy on the cheek and says he loves him (LOL again). Hogan says he's being serious. He asks ODB and EY if they're ready after their honeymoon. EY says they are and ODB will be with Hogan for a night if he chooses them. Hogan says he can't afford her. He eliminates The Machine Guns because of their loss at Lockdown and Sabin's knee.

Brooke Tessmacher comes to the ring and grabs a mic. She has on an Impact t-shirt. She wants to prove her win over Gail Kim was not a fluke. She calls her out. Gail comes to the ring.

Gail Kim vs. Brooke Tessmacher

Tessmacher removes her shirt, revealing her ring gear. Gail does stretches in the ring as Brooke charges her but is restrained by Hebner. Gail attacks Brooke from behind with a forearm shot. Gail bulldogs her and pins her before pulling Brooke off the mat by her hair. Gail hits an elbow in the corner and does some ground-and-pound. Gail drops her with a front slam and gloats to the fans. Brooke fights back with a couple of clotheslines and a dropkick.

Gail drives her throat in the ropes then chokes her out with her boot. Gail grabs the title and shoves it in her face and says she's not in her league. Gail charges in with a shoulder block and goes up top but Brooke avoids the missile dropkick. Brooke hits a front suplex and gets the win.

Winner by pin: Brooke Tessmacher


Daniels & Kazarian are backstage and are confident Hogan will choose them. They tell AJ he better show up next week or they will "let the cat out of the bag."

We get a video of Hogan congratulating RVD after his win last week. RVD says he's back and he won't let anything get in his way of the title. Roode says he's ready for RVD.

Snow is in the locker room with Alex Silva. He will reveal if Silva gets a contract next week. Roode interrupts. He says it took him a long time to get a contract. He wishes him luck and punches him in the stomach.

Hogan says Eric Young made his decision easy. He is looking at a picture or something on his phone and says they are out. He tells the remaining teams to head to the ring.


Garett is backstage talking about his dad. He says Eric did this to himself. He says the show will be better without him.

Bully is on the phone as Joe Park approaches. Bully thinks he wants an autograph. Park wants some answers, Bull has none, nor would he talk if he did. Park gives him his card and Bully tells him to "shove it," and leaves. Park chuckles.

Joe & Magnus make their way to the ring. The remaining teams make their entrances. Hogan comes on the ramp and says it's wild backstage. He says as good as Kazarian & Daniels are, since they are the cohesive unit, he is eliminating them.

TNA Tag Team Championship: Joe & Magnus vs. Hardy & Anderson

Joe and Anderson start off with Joe hitting repeated punches. Anderson answers with his own tirade. Joe tags Magnus and Anderson makes a stiff tag to Hardy. Magnus bumps around for Hardy. Anderson and Hardy have some communication issues as Anderson yells at him.


Hardy hits a front dropkick on Magnus and Magnus rolls out, Hardy follows and is clotheslined by Joe. Back in the ring, Joe & Magnus double team Hardy, as Anderson just allows it. Hardy manages a Whisper in the Wind on Joe. Both men struggle to get up. Both men tag out. Joe and Hardy are in the ring as Hardy hits a Twist of Fate. Magnus and Anderson brawl on the outside. Hardy tackles Magnus from off the apron. Anderson enters the ring; Joe applies a rear naked choke as Magnus prevents Hardy from breaking it. Anderson taps.

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