Welcome to this week's edition of the WWE Superstars Recap.

We begin this week with the Uso's doing their full entrance and making their way to the ring. Michael Cole and Matt Striker are on commentary, due to Josh Matthews' injury angle. We get a video of Lesnar attacking him from Monday's RAW. Hunico and Camacho ride down to the ring on their low-rider and the usual bilingual promo. Hunico calls the Uso's 2 dancing fools. One of the Uso's asks "what?" and "you got jokes?" He then jumps on his brother's back, and imitates Hunico and Camacho. He speaks in a Hispanic accent and asks why they don't like the fans in Grand Rapids and they do the Uso chant and response.

The Uso's vs. Hunico & Camacho

Jey starts things off with Hunico, with Jey taking control and tagging his brother as they double team. Hunico avoids a Superkick and tags Camacho who begins to pound Jimmy with punches and kicks. The Uso's tag in and out a couple of times, cutting the ring in half. Hunico opens the ropes and one of the Uso's (it's hard to keep up with telling them apart) falls to the outside while running the ropes.


Camacho is in control or Jimmy in the middle of the ring. Hunico is back in and he works Jimmy's legs; he applies a modified Indian DeathLock. Hunico and Camacho continue to dominate and keep Jimmy in their corner. Camacho gets a 2, then applies a half-Boston Crab to Jimmy. Jimmy reaches for his brother but is pulled by the leg back to the center of the ring. Camacho goes for a figure-four but Jimmy kicks him the butt and Camacho falls out of the ring. Camacho hurries back in before Jimmy can make the tag and gets Samoan Dropped. Jey riles up the crowd in the corner and builds the anticipation for the hot tag. Jey gets the tag, as does Hunico, and he unloads on Hunico with cloatheslines and a kick to the abdomen. Jey hits the Running Stinkface in the corner and makes the cover but it is broken up by Camacho. Jimmy comes in to his brother's defense. Jey has Hunico pinned but Camacho kicks him in the head behind the ref's back and Hunico gets the pin with a handful of tights. (I don't think even Cole and Striker could keep up with distinguishing the Uso's).

Winners by pin: Hunico & Camacho


Kelly Kelly vs. Maxine

The girls lock up with a collar and elbow. Kelly hits what has become a trademark for her, the Thesz Press. Maxine avoids the running cartwheel-in-the-corner bump and slams Kelly face-first to the mat. Maxine applies a rear chin-lock and Kelly screams in pain. Maxine makes the cover and gets a 2, then goes back to the chin-lock. Kelly punches at Maxine's knees and Maxine is forced to break. Maxine jumps on Kelly and applies a front-choke as she hangs on Kelly. Kelly gets free and does the handstand-in-the-ropes move. Kelly repeatedly drives Maxine's face to the mat while screaming like a crazy woman. Kelly hits two clotheslines and drives Maxine's head into the turnbuckle; she then does her version of the Stinkface. Scott Stanford, who is on commentary for this match calls it a Bootycall (that's actually a pretty good name for it). Kelly connects with the cartwheel move this time. Kelly hits a legdrop and gets the pin.

Winner by pin: Kelly Kelly


-RAW Rebound: Cena/Lesnar

Miz makes his way to the ring.


A-Ry's music hits and he comes to the ring to some cheers.

Miz vs. Alex Riley

Miz leans on the ropes with a disgusted look on his face as A-Ry panders to the fans. A-Ry gets an early hip-toss on Miz. Miz returns the favor with an armdrag. Miz hits a nice bodyslam then gloats with his arms outstretched as he struts around the ring. Miz hits a shoulder block and yells "I own him!" Riley answers back with 2 consecutive armdrags and a bodyslam. He makes the cover for a 2 count. A-Ry sends Miz into the ropes and puts his head down, expecting to hit a back body-drop, but Miz stops cold and kicks him in the gut and then proceeds to stomp on A-Ry as the ref pulls him off. Miz hooks the outside leg and gets a 2.

Miz works the left arm. Miz charges in the corner but A-Ry leaps over him and hits another 2 consecutive armdrags and a dropkick and hooks Miz' outside leg and gets a 2. Miz stomps Riley in the corner some more. Riley breaks free and takes over. Miz begs off but pulls Riley towards him and Riley falls to the outside due to his own momentum. Miz goes to exit the ring but gets kicked in the head from the apron. Riley goes up top but is pulled down and falls to the outside again.


Miz is back working the arm. He sends Riley into the ropes and hits a big boot to the face on the recoil. Miz goes back to the arm. Miz asks who the superstar is and tells Riley he taught him everything and says Riley is a disgrace. Riley works his way back up and finally breaks the armbar. Miz hits a modified Complete Shot to Riley's arm the does his signature clothesline-in-the-corner where he straddles the ropes. Miz goes up top for a double axe-handle but Riley punches him in the gut on the way down.

Riley gets a second wind and hits a 2 clotheslines and a spinebuster to Miz. He gets a 2. Miz kicks him in the face and charges Riley but gets caught with a Rock Bottom. Riley gets another 2. Miz hits his Reality Check but surprisingly, Riley kicks out. Riley goes for a powerslam but Miz wiggles out and sends Riley into the post, shoulder-first. Miz hits a Skull Crushing Finale and gets the pin.

Winner by pin: The Miz

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