Scotty Riggs Talks Leaving WCW, ECW's Dying Days, Working With Paul Heyman & More

I had no feeling in my hand for a while I tried to make a brief comeback, but the elbow just does not have the stability I need. So, I really don't take wrestling bookings anymore. I just can't because of the liability with myself and the liability with promoters.

I tell them, 'Hey, if something happens, we've got to come up with some way of you paying the bills and not me. Because I'm working for you. The promoters like, 'Dude, I don't have that type of insurance.' So, unless you're working with someone that has a worker's comp. plan or something like that -- my left elbow extends about five inches shorter than my right elbow does. So, that basically ended my full-time wrestling career. I can't work out like I used to.

I was talking to Lex [Luger] about two weeks ago to see how he's been doing and when I was first hurt, I remembered how he had his injury. I knew what he went through to get rehab and get his arm back to where it was. But his wasn't shattered like mine was. He had one fracture. With mine, the doctor said he had to go to the muscle and find the bone to give me an ulna bone again in my forearm.

Basically, he had to put my arm back together again. So, that's kind of ended my wrestling career when it comes down to actually wrestling. Which kind of sucks, being 41 and not being able to pursue your passion like you did when you were 23 or 24. When you were a young guys, going, 'Wow!' Now that I know more and can do more, unfortunately, I only know more and want to do more. I just don't have that option open to me.

I've had people ask me, 'Why don't you go be a part of the behind-the-scene stuff?' I wouldn't mind being a part of the creative process and helping guys get better but I just don't want to deal with the politics of it. I'm just not a cold-hearted person. 'You either got to do this or you got to do that.' I'm not the put-the-knife-in-the-back-of-the-other-guy type of dude. Never been that way. I wouldn't mind helping other guys get better if I could do it in the ring. Not having to do it verbally.

So, I do some appearances at some conventions and memorial shows and stuff like that. But, basically, when it comes down to the wrestling aspect of it -- unfortunately -- that part's over.

WrestlingINC: Thanks again Scotty, we really appreciate it.

Riggs: Thank you, this was fun.

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Also, you can follow Riggs on Twitter at @REALScottyRiggs and you can send him your well wishes as he recovers from his recent gallbladder surgery. We here at would also like to wish Riggs the best as he recovers.

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