WWE Smackdown Recap: Final Extreme Rules Hype, Sheamus Vs. Henry, Ryback, AJ

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WWE Smackdown Recap: Final Extreme Rules Hype, Sheamus Vs. Henry, Ryback, AJ
Welcome to the April 27, 2012 edition of the WWE
Smackdown Recap.

We are in Grand Rapids, MI and 3 days away from Extreme Rules. Tonight, Sheamus will face Mark Henry in a rematch from Monday. Michael Cole and Booker T are on commentary. They show a clip of Lesnar attacking Josh Matthews on Monday. Cole says Matthews is suffering from stiffness and tightness in his neck.

Daniel Bryan YES's his way down to the ring. WWE Magazine has named him "Jerk of the Month." Cole says he's been named that before and it is a "big, prestigious award." Bryan says he cut the umbilical cord and finally got rid of AJ. He says his loss at Mania does not count and should go on AJs record and not his. He says he was a fair referee this past Monday and shows a clip. He does "question and answer time." Did Mark Henry beat Sheamus this past Monday? YES! Did he make Sheamus tap out? YES! Is Sheamus' title run a fluke? YES! Will he get his title back this Sunday? YES!

Alberto del Rio's music hits and he drives up in a Bentley as Ricardo introduces him. He makes his way to the ring as he does his own question and answer session with Ricardo providing the "Si!" Has Bryan been making excuses since Mania? Si! Is the winner this Sunday's match going to face del Rio? Si! Will Bryan be forgotten when del Rio becomes the next champ? Si Si Si Si…

Big Show's music hits. He comes to the ring and asks if it's "Yes or Si?" He motions an attack on Bryan, then del Rio but both men escape out of the ring? Ricardo is not so lucky. He asks him if it's Yes or Si? Ricardo just squeals. Show says. "Si," and gives him a chokeslam.


Big Show vs Alberto del Rio

Big Show's sheer size and power enables him to get the early advantage but del Rio takes focuses on his leg with kicks to cut him down. Once Show is on one knee, he works the left arm, setting Show up for his finisher. Show lifts him up with just that arm and suplexes him to the mat. Show spears him and signals for the chokeslam as he waits for del Rio to get up but Cody Rhodes comes in the ring and clips Show's knee. del Rio kicks show in the back of the head as Show falls to one knee and leaves the ring. Cody brings in a chair and a Kendo Stick from under the ring. Cody strikes Show in the head with the stick but Show no-sells. Cody grabs the chair and swings but Show punches it. Cody removes his belt and charges but Show gives him a big boot in the face. Show picks up the belt and strikes Cody across the back a couple of times before Cody escapes up the ramp. The disqualification is never acknowledged.

John Laurinaitis is backstage giving Eve some pointers regarding her new position as his executive administrator. He says she can make any changes and can come to him for advice. She says she sees all these crew members running around and she doesn't know any of their names and wants them all to wear name tags. Teddy Long shows up and asks what the status of his job is now that Eve is on board. Johnny says Eve is the exec. And Teddy is just his employee. He says from now on Teddy reports to Eve. She tells him to go get a nametag. Teddy walks off.

We get a recap of the Divas match from Monday. The Bellas walk toward the ring. Nikki faces Alicia Fox, next.


Damien Sandow is in another vignette. He talks about enlightenment. He says salvation is only one week away. "You're welcome."

Alicia Fox is already in the ring as the Bellas are introduced.

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