WWE Smackdown Recap: Final Extreme Rules Hype, Sheamus Vs. Henry, Ryback, AJ

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Nikki Bella w/ Brie vs. Alicia Fox

Nikki dominates first then Alicia gets in some offense. Brie comes in and switches places with Nikki and face-plants Alicia for the pin in a match that last about a minute.

Winner by pin: Nikki Bella

Cole has an exclusive interview with Randy Orton later.


Yoshi Tatsu is backstage warming up and Darren Young & Titus O'Neil show up and make fun of his Japanese heritage. Ezekiel Jackson comes to his defense. The four men have a match later.

Teddy Long is in a maid's outfit with a feather duster and a large name tag that covers his entire chest. Aksana shows up. He is embarrassed and tells her he is doing this so his grandkids' college funds will be safe and that he is happy to have her at his side. She says when he was GM, she didn't know he was old enough to have grandkids. Eve and Johnny enter and Johnny says Aksana's friend Antonio Cesaro has a tryout match tonight. It's Eve's idea to have Teddy be the special guest ring announcer and then have his own Teddy Table to call the match. Johnny says he will feed him lines in his headset and he can't say anything unless Johnny tells him to. Johnny gives him a People Power T-shirt.


Yoshi Tatsu & Ezekiel Jackson are already in the ring. Teddy is off the side of Cole and Booker at his own table. He doesn't acknowledge Cole and just stares straight ahead. Young & O'Neil are introduced.

Yoshi Tatsu & Ezekiel Jackson vs. Darren Young & Titus O'Neil

Cole says Teddy is an idiot for not signing Young & O'Neil. Teddy is told to say that he made a mistake. Yoshi and Young start things off. Young & Titus tag in and out, isolating Yoshi. Young takes Jackson's knee out on the apron. Titus lifts up Yoshi, Young comes off the top with a forearm and Titus gets the pin in about one minute.

Winners by pin: Young & O'Neil


Cole is center-ring and introduces Orton. Cole says that Laurinaitis has said that if any superstar touches any announcer they will be suspended. The crowd chants "RKO." Orton says he tends to not be so rational when he is "pushed." We get a video recap of Orton's adventures with Kane as of late. Orton says he will make Kane suffer this Sunday. Jinder Mahal's music hits. He comes to the ring and says Kane and Orton will take each other out at Extreme Rules and make room for a new breed. He says Orton's time at the top is over. He says he'll be waiting for Orton on the other side and turns to leave. Orton says wait. He asks Mahal if he's an announcer. Mahal says no and he gets an RKO.


Akasana is in the ring. She introduces Tyson Kidd who is already in the ring (bad sign) She introduces Antonio Cesaro who has his own theme and Titantron.

Tyson Kidd vs. Antonio Cesaro

Cesaro is rather impressive. Kidd makes him look good and Cesaro pins him in under a minute. (sad)

Winner by pin: Antonio Cesaro

Aksana comes in and embraces him. Laurinaitis makes Teddy go to the ring and raise Cesaro's arm in victory. Aksana and Cesaro kiss as Teddy looks on in agony. Teddy walks to the back.

We get a video recap of the Lesnar and Cena saga.


The Great Khali vs. Cody Rhodes

Khali takes control only to have his knee taken out. Cody goes up top with a missile dropkick and gets a near fall. Cody goes back to the left knee. Cody goes for the Disaster Kick but Khali catches him and drops him with a double-handed chokeslam. Khali gets the pin in a little over a minute.

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