Scott Steiner is back with his latest anti-TNA rant. In addition to ripping the most recent episode of Impact, "Big Poppa Pump" is also urging fans to tweet Dixie Carter to voice their opinions. Here is his latest rant, starting last Thursday:

"Lets keep the momentum going to save Tna and turn rhe channel when u see a hogan or b---hoff Segment wait 5 mins n turn it back,also keep tweeting Dixie that its time to save Tna

"How appropiate the show ended with s--t... Im glad everybody is agreeing with what i said last wk about open fight night... Brillant booking by the 3 assholes what a waste of airtime on the indy really... Is everybody believing me now that pritchard was just a go'fer in the WWE,how many bad shows Do the Tna fans have to suffer thru b4 Tna n spike tv officials realize he is lying... Keep tweeting @tnadixie to voice yur opinon to save Tna from the same fate as WCW

"How stupid fake n out of date did hogans backstage promos look,like i said if hogan isnt sayin His catchphrases he sounds like a FF'n idiot...

"Its clear that nobody cares about eric or garrett b---hoff bcuz their segments draw low ratings So u would think that with him "leaving" having another segment on him would be the last thing They would do....but of course they had 4-5 segments on him Which was brutal n hard to watch,how fake did it look when garrett took eric to the port o john and Then put him in..thus ending with a s--t shot on a s--t show"

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