WWE Extreme Rules Results: New Champions Crowned, Cena Leaving? Sound Off With Your Thoughts

- Matt Striker is backstage with Daniel Bryan. Bryan talks about how he is better than Sheamus in any way imaginable. Bryan rips the Chicago fans next. Bryan says tonight he will become the two-time World Heavyweight Champion and walks off chanting yes. We see AJ Lee come out of the shadows.

- We get a promo video looking back at the Bryan vs. Sheamus feud.

2 of 3 Falls Match for the World Heavyweight Title: Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus

We go to the ring and out first comes the challenger Daniel Bryan. Out next comes the World Heavyweight Champion and he's mostly booed by the Chicago crowd.

Lilian Garcia does formal ring introductions and here we go. Sheamus strikes first with a big shoulder and sends Bryan to the mat. They tangle and Sheamus goes for a Brogue Kick but Bryan dodges it. They lock up and Sheamus takes Bryan to the mat. Sheamus drops some knees for a 1 count. They lock up again and Bryan goes behind. They trade hold son the mat some more. Sheamus with another shoulder. Sheamus catches Bryan on his shoulders and hits his roll finisher for a 2 count. Bryan rolls Sheamus up but Sheamus turns it into a Cloverleaf. Bryan makes it to the ropes and breaks the hold.

Bryan with another roll up for 2. They go back and forth. Bryan takes Sheamus down and Sheamus rolls to the apron. Bryan dropkicks Sheamus out to the floor. Bryan runs the apron and leaps off but Sheamus catches him in mid-air. Sheamus drives Bryan hard into the fan barrier. They bring it back in the ring and Sheamus goes to the top. Bryan kicks the ropes and Sheamus falls. Bryan stomps away as the crowd does dueling chants. Bryan drops knees into Sheamus' head now and covers for another 2 count.

Bryan takes Sheamus back to the mat and keeps him grounded. Sheamus fights out with elbows to the head. Bryan cuts him off with a knee to the gut and a dropkick to the head. 1 count for Bryan. Sheamus fights back but Bryan hits uppercuts and kicks. Bryan ducks a clothesline and rolls Sheamus up for 2. Bryan with more uppercuts and offense. Bryan works on the shoulder now and takes Sheamus back to the mat. More back and forth on their feet. Sheamus sends Bryan to the apron and clubs away with a series of forearms to the chest. Sheamus with a fall-away slam for a 2 count.

Bryan sends Sheamus face first into the turnbuckle and then kicks him in the back of the head. Bryan with another roll-up for 2. Bryan stomps away in the corner now. Bryan takes Sheamus up top but Sheamus blocks a hurricanrana. Sheamus comes off the top with the battering ram and takes Bryan down for a close 2 count. Sheamus ends up out on the floor. Bryan runs the ring and goes to dive through the ropes but Sheamus knocks him back with a big forearm shot to the head. Sheamus comes in and goes for the Celtic Cross but Bryan rolls through for a pin attempt but it's broken. Bryan goes for the Yes Lock but Sheamus blocks it. Bryan goes for it again but Sheamus blocks it again. Bryan goes for the Yes Lock again but Sheamus fights him off. Sheamus charges in the corner but Bryan moves and he hits his shoulder on the ring post. Bryan rams Sheamus into the ring post again, and again. Bryan continues to use the ring post to damage the shoulder of Sheamus. Bryan comes back in the ring and kicks Sheamus several times while he's on his knees. Bryan unloads with kicks as the referee tells him to stop. Bryan won't and the referee calls for the bell and disqualification.

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