Dixie Carter Discusses TNA PPV Buys, A Second Show, Flair-WWE And Lots More

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Source: PWInsider

On Jeff Hardy Sting Disaster: "I'm so proud of Jeff Hardy. His potential is so unlimited, he's never known how good he really is, he's an incredibly humble man, and he has turned his life completely around. I feel blessed to have been a small small part of that in supporting him and helping put the structure in place. He's just been amazing. He's a father, a wonderful husband, and he's got his priorities right and his health. Therefore, I think we're seeing the best work from him he's ever done."

On TNA's Growth Plan: "Those things don't happen overnight, and you don't stay in business unless you make really good business decisions. Touring is an incredibly expensive proposition. It's almost a half-a-million dollars a night, and if I were playing a major arena, the cost would only go up maybe ten or fifteen thousand dollars, twenty thousand dollars. So it doesn't matter where we play, it's very expensive, and we'll play those when we feel like we'll have the ability to sell more tickets. The growth plan is to grow not just Impact! but grow TNA Entertainment in a variety of different ways. We're really breaking out into some areas worldwide and having some great global success. Our rating in the United Kingdom (we've only been on four-and-a-half years there, going on five years) we are the highest-rated wrestling show in the United Kingdom. We are selling out big arenas there, and it's an exciting thing. The time will happen in the United States as well, but it's tough getting that kind of popularity when you only have a two-hour show with so much talent. We need to grow that, we need to have more programming and be seen in more places and in different ways, and that's one of the things we're working on. "

On Competing with WWE: "We wanna be the best company we can be. If you haven't watched TNA in a long time, there's no better time to come back and give it a try. I don' think we've ever turned out better stories, the in-ring action has been fantastic, the focus on the younger talent...it's exactly where it needs to be for us to grow. And we had to do that to really see being able to take that step forward and growing our company with a whole new crop of stars. We had to give them this kind of focus to be able to take it to another level. In the United Kingdom, we have multiple shows, our pay-per-views air for free, so we have a lot more exposure over there and the end result is our ratings are significantly higher and much more competitive to the point where we beat our competitor. "

On PPV Buys: "Our focus in the past has been growing our television brand. And, again, when you only have one show to try to drive people to it, it's too many pay-per-views for only having one show. It's very difficult to try to do big arching pay-per-views once a month with only one two-hour show. If we had two shows, it would be much easier, three it would be much much easier. But I think the pay-per-view business is a declining business and we've gotta stay current with new technology. People are not even watching television the way they did twenty-four, eighteen months ago. All of the headlines today are about the shrinking ratings. It's not that the viewership is down as much, but people are watching differently: they're watching on their phones, their iPads, they're DVR-ing, and it's gonna change. Things in the next twelve to twenty-four months are gonna change as well. "

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