Dixie Carter Discusses TNA PPV Buys, A Second Show, Flair-WWE And Lots More

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Source: PWInsider

On a Second Show: "I think you'll see something second of ours and maybe even third of ours. Whether it'll be on Spike or another network, it's definitely part of our plan. We just need to become more mainstream, have more exposure in different ways and with different shows—a top priority for our company."

On Ric Flair's 2nd WWE Hall of Fame Induction: "It was the easiest decision in the world! Why would I ever consider keeping a man who is so deserving of that second award from being recognized? I am not completely selfless—and there may be something coming up here pretty soon that might get people's eyebrows raised—but regardless of anything, I would never have stopped Ric from receiving an award that is so deserved."

On Garret Bischoff: "He's a very very talented kid. I told him from the beginning, Look you are going to have to be better than the next guy because people are going to be so much more critical of you than they would anybody there. And I think because of that, it's a really difficult position to be in, and I respect his guts because it does take a lot—quite honestly—to be able to face that and all these critics. But the kid's got talent, he really really does. Just like others, he's been cycled into a solid storyline, and there's ebbs and flows to kind of keep people in the limelight. But he's no different than a Crimson who's on a great winning streak or a Magnus. There's a handful of other guys that we have who are new that we are trying to break. And I think it's unjust to give him that criticism when no one is saying that about a Gunner, or a Crimson, or a Magnus. And his in-ring abilities are equal to those guys."

On Kurt Angle: "There will never be enough words to describe what Kurt has done for TNA. It's one thing to be a Ric Flair and a Hogan for us on this level. Words will never describe what he has meant to this company. We've had some great icons joining us, but for him to be in the ring, absolutely the greatest wrestler of all time. And to be the ring general, to make so many matches look so great, to help so many talent grow and become better…there's no one like him. And his dedication to the company to me has been just unbelievable."

On Going Live: "I would love to be live, I really would! Some people don't think that would be the difference, some people think being out on the road more. I don't think if we knew what the answer was, we could move there a lot more quickly. It's definitely cost. We sell a couple of shows back-to-back. Part of it is a cost-issue, and the other part is Do you stay in the Impact Zone and go live? I think you're gonna see a lot of changes in the company to the end of this year and hopefully beyond. We're looking at a lot of different ways to do business and shake some stuff up. I'm excited about the things we're talking about."

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