Re-Post: WWE RAW Results With Tons Of Video

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- Tonight's WWE RAW Supershow opens up with a look back at John Cena vs. Brock Lesnar at Extreme Rules and Cena's post-match comments.

- We get a graphic that says Monday Night RAW Starring Brock Lesnar. Justin Roberts is in the ring and introduces John Laurinaitis. Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler welcome us to a sold out RAW from the Nutter Center in Dayton, Ohio. Laurinaitis makes his way to the ring and is all smiles.

Laurinaitis says he changed WWE in one night and did it for the fans, did it for People Power. Laurinaitis says the fans should thank him for bringing the most dangerous athlete to WWE. A man who's face will be synonymous with WWE for years to come. A man who beat up John Cena so bad that he will never be the same. A man who turned WWE on its ear in one night more than anyone has in the past. A man who brought legitimacy back to WWE. Laurinaitis introduces that man - Brock Lesnar, and out he comes.

Lesnar shakes Laurinaitis' hand and gets bood. Lesnar says the world saw him first hand bringing the pain last night, exactly what he said he was going to do. Laurinaitis speaks but is interrupted by Triple H's music. Triple H comes out in a suit but doesn't look happy.

Triple H shakes the hand of Laurinaitis and offers Lesnar a shake. Lesnar hesitates but they shake. HHH says he's here to do what Laurinaitis doesn't have the guts to do. HHH says Brock's days of holding up WWE are through. HHH says the private jet that flew Lesnar here today won't be taking him back home unless he wants to pay for it. HHH says the same goes for the limousine. Lesnar won't be getting a raise and won't be getting any kind of special treatment. HHH says the name of the show always has and always will be Monday Night RAW, period. Those demands he bullied Laurinaitis into, those aren't valid either. Laurinaitis objects and doesn't think it's right to go back on their word. HHH tears up the contract and Lesnar is fuming.

HHH says Laurinaitis had no authority to agree what he agreed to and Lesnar won't be getting any of it. Lesnar is now staring down Laurinaitis. HHH says he wants Lesnar here and the WWE fans want him here. They might not love or like Lesnar but they want to see him, Triple H says. They want to see him in a rematch against John Cena. They want to see him vs. CM Punk, Randy Orton and Sheamus, he says. HHH says if Lesnar wants to do it, he's going to do it under the original contract he agreed to. HHH says he will understand if Lesnar feels wronged and wants to go home with his loss to Cena in the books. HHH says he doesn't want that and neither does Lesnar. HHH asks Brock what is it going to be. Laurinaitis says it's not fair to put Brock in this position. HHH says this is between he and Brock now. Laurinaitis won't shut up and it pisses HHH off.

HHH asks Lesnar if they have a deal. Laurinaitis says HHH is being disrespectful and he may have to address this to the Board of Directors. HHH turns around to Laurinaitis but gets attacked by Lesnar. Lesnar beats HHH down and takes him to the corner. HHH fights back with right hands but Lesnar drops him in the Kimura Lock. Lesnar tightens the hold before Big Show, R-Truth, Sheamus and Kofi Kingston run down for the save. Lesnar leaves the ring as security comes down. Trainers check on HHH in the ring and he thinks his arm is broken. Lesnar fumes at ringside as security moves him to the ramp and Big Show looks on with Sheamus from the ring. The crowd chants "you suck" at Lesnar as HHH is helped to his feet in the ring by Big Show and others.

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