Scotty Riggs Discusses His Health Issues, Gives Update On Buff Bagwell, Talks Heyman & Bischoff

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Already put in his mind was, 'This is what I want to do with this guy and this is how I'm going to build him, use him and work him.' That happened like he said. Bischoff didn't do that. Sullivan did that at the start of it. Bit this was a boss that actually ran the company and said, 'This is what I want to do with you,' and you run with it and made it happened? For me, that was a chance for me to actually grow and gain more perspective for wrestling. Not only as a sport, but from the business side of it.

Paul Heyman was going to teach me more of the business side of it. That was just really a great time for a guy that creative. Paul Heyman -- he's definitely a Dr. Frankenstein. He's a creative genius when it comes to that. Businessman? He kind of sucks. When it comes to wrestling, he is phenomenal... If he went in to TNA or even Ring Of Honor with just his genius being put into that and actually being used right? Wow! The things that could happen. If he went back to Vince and WWE, they'd be the same thing like when he was there before. He'd have great ideas, but when Vince didn't like them and didn't want to do them -- Vince is the final say-so. A lot of fans don't understand that. Vince has the final say-so in Daniel Bryan getting squashed in 18 seconds by Sheamus. Vince said, 'This is what we want to do,' and that's what happened.

No matter what anybody else said, Vince said, 'This is what we're doing.' He's the boss. In one sense, that's a great thing to have. In another, it's, like, 'Wow!.' If he doesn't have any flexibility, I'm a little nervous.

Paul E. was just so good but all of the times, he got squashed with what he wanted to do which was keep things sparked. Keep things alive. Instead of going one route in a story, you'd have a fork in the road. You could go either way. He had that golden horse shoe that could tell which way you needed to go with this. The crowd would go nuts over it.

ECW's final days: We started working shows towards the end with no pay. Once certain guys that had been there for a while like RVD, Sandmanů Dusty Rhodes was actually the first guy to [leave]. When they stopped paying him, he just said, 'Hey, I'm not coming to your shows until you pay me.' He was still under a deal with him and he stopped coming. Then, even their top guys were not getting paid.

Some of the guys stayed and worked because they knew that that's what helped establish the company. So, I stayed there for a short period of time working and then even tried to re-structure my deal Paul so that I would still get paid something. But, they just didn't have the funds to pay anybody anything towards the end of it.

Unfortunately, at the beginning of ECW, they were a mom and pop operation in the sense that when they made money, they just spent it as best they could. Everybody was working. When Paul got that deal with TNN, he sat down with them and got one pay-per-view that was done using their satellite trucks, lighting and rigging, and one SpikeTV program that was taped using their lighting, rigging, cameras, production process and everything else. That's all he was guaranteed. One of each.

So, when they came in and did their one, that was it. But we had to deal with them to be on TV, which ECW never had before with actually being on TV. If you notice, the production value of the first couple of shows was great, but after that, Spike pulled their stuff out and said, 'Hey. We've fulfilled our obligation. You got on TV. Now, you've got to keep doing the TV thing for us,' So, we went from having hard cameras, two hand held cameras and everything else, to having one guy on the side of the ring with one hand held camera and one guy with a hard camera that they had used in the past.

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